Interview: Los Angeles based artist, Alejandro, emerges as one to watch

Alejandro is an artist with a vision. When it comes to making music for movies, TV shows and commercials, the Mexican-American singer/producer/beat maker has placed songs everywhere from the NFL to MTV and has worked with artists such as Rihanna, Sia and Ne-Yo. He released his debut EP just this year and in only three months, managed to garner close to one million streams. As he gears up to release the first single off of his new album, The Good, The Bad and The Lovely, on Friday, May 26, AXS had the opportunity to speak with the entertainer over the phone in a recent interview.

Alejandro talked about the moment when he initially discovered that the music world was for him. “It was at a very young age. The first artist who had given me a feeling that I had never gotten before had to have been Jimi Hendrix. I remember thinking, that’s what an artist is - it’s being one of the best translators and communicating what you feel, in musical way. I just knew that I wanted to write music. I didn’t know there were careers in songwriting; I just told myself that I was going to write songs for as long as I can.”

After landing a job at the famed Westlake Recording Studios, the artist discovered a world of opportunities. Alejandro began to co-write and produce albums as well. “Whether I was working with a solo artist or with other bands, I just knew that I had this fire inside I needed to bring out,” he said. “I knew that I wanted to give hope to other people.” You can hear that in his music. From the Mayweather/Pacquiao campaign, to the NFL Network to the Golden State Warriors, he credits the success he has had with the sports placements to the fact that the intentions behind those songs were true. Alejandro said, “They were all underdog stories, which is something I can relate to.”

Now, as the musician embarks on his solo career, he tells AXS about how grateful he is for his accomplishments. “I never thought I was going to get to a million this fast,” he said. “I had no idea that I was going to come across to this many people and now I know I can get across to even more.”

With all the love Alejandro has been receiving, he’s decided that he’ll be releasing a new single every week for the next six weeks. As far as what fans can expect from his work, the artist says, “You know, I’ve learned that you can’t run away from the bad. The only way you get to the good is by accepting. This album is about finally saying I am just a human being. And there’s nothing wrong with that. So, accept whoever it is you are, because we are all one of a kind.”

Keep your ears open for more of Alejandro. You can head to Spotify and check out his website for details on his EP, as well as some announcements on upcoming live shows.

Below is a taste of Alejandro’s new music:

Director/DOP: Carlos Mercado

AC: Gabe Rubiano

Music Mixed and Mastered by: Mike Ault