Interview: Los Lonely Boys' Jojo Garza talks long career, working with his brothers before LA show

Los Lonely Boys have had a career that some say could have started when they were children, and the three brothers—Jojo, Henry and Ringo Garza—are still going at it. The San Angelo, Texas-based trio have an eclectic sound that combines rock and blues with a touch of Latin flair, and now they are on the road again and set to make a stop in Los Angeles with WAR at the historic Greek Theatre on May 27.

Their sound has obviously changed over the years, and Jojo explained to AXS how it has evolved.

“I guess the way it has evolved is realizing more of our musical abilities and realizing that you can reach out of your boundaries, and you may not even have realized it," he said. "That goes with chord structure and with melody arrangement. Aside from that, what has inspired you over time? Trying to incorporate that and remembering it on a daily basis. I think that’s how our music evolved; in a real natural way and over the years it’s been because of watching those before us play and having some sort of basic idea or design of what music can become and how far you can stretch it.”

Their passion and ear for melodies are evident, and it was proven when the trio won a Grammy in 2005 for Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group. Even though they won that award, it hasn't stopped them from being humble, or realizing the most important part of it all: sticking close to family. 

“We are brothers, so we already are not in the situation where we can just break up that easily. For us, it’s realizing years ago that we all wanted to do this and have a passion for it as well," Jojo said. "I guess some of the pros for the situation that I am in, and I think I can speak for my brothers is that we’re family and we’re still together."

It's obvious that the best part of doing what he does is being able to work with his brothers. 

"I definitely know my brothers. Family should know each other down, up, left, right, all of the sideways," he said. "The fact that there’s nothing behind the curtain. That’s one of the most blessed things on choosing to run a business together.”

Make sure to grab tickets to the Los Lonely Boys performance on May 27 at The Greek Theatre right here on AXS.

“We’re most looking forward to the atmosphere, the energy and that’s what it’s all about," Jojo said. "The music lovers, they’re there. Not to mention the bill, it’s such a very historic stage and environment. Really feeling that love of music from a whole load of people.”