DJ duo Louis The Child, and singer-songwriter QUIÑ, officially launch the Forever 21 Cosmic Space Collection.

DJ duo Louis The Child, and singer-songwriter QUIÑ, officially launch the Forever 21 Cosmic Space Collection.

Courtesy of Forever 21

Dynamic DJ duo, Louis The Child, and fantasy soul songstress QUIÑ, recently teamed up with Forever 21 to launch their new “Cosmic Space Collection.” The artists treated guests to an intimate show at a special Dec. 12 celebration in honor of the capsule collection. They showed up in style, sporting space-age gear from the line – which is now available to view and shop here.

"My performance looks vary based on comfort, how I’m feeling, and where I’m performing. Anything that blows in the wind is a fav," QUIÑ tells AXS. “Both music and fashion play in that imaginative part of you where you can tap into yourself and turn what you find into something tangible; something you can outwardly express,” the singer-songwriter shared.

The breakout sensation says she was somehow cosmically chosen to be a part of this campaign, and like Louis The Child, is thrilled to be involved. While Robby Hauldren and Freddy Kennett have been busy selling out shows across North America (they recently wrapped their super successful Dear Sense Tour) they’ve also found the time to happily embrace their role in launching Forever 21’s new capsule collection.

“We care a lot about what we do. We're making music and art from a place of love, and our goal is to make people happy through music and to create happy moments in the world,” Louis The Child tells AXS.

AXS: How do you integrate your style into your performances? What inspires each of your looks?

Robby Hauldren: I'm a big fan of vintage sports gear and ‘90s apparel. I really dig old Olympic Starter jackets, Looney Tunes gear, and I own a lot of Bulls championship gear from the Jordan era. I actually just recently found an Olympic Starter jacket from 1996 that has Bugs Bunny on the back that I've been wearing a ton. I love clothes that remind me of my childhood and that are colorful and fun. I feel like our shows are very colorful and fun so I want to match that. I'm always wearing hats so I have a good collection there, too. I like to wear clothes that are local to the places we play if I can. Whenever we travel, I try to hit thrift shops or find local stores to get unique clothes. The city we're in usually influences what I wear, or if I just got some clothes that I'm excited about there's a good chance I'll wear it at the next show we play.

Freddy Kennett: I grew up playing a lot of soccer and skateboarding, and I feel like both of those sports influenced my style a good amount. I also just love clothing on top of that. I love more subtle designs and a good outfit more than louder, flashy clothes. I wear a lot of tighter fitting pants, Adidas Track Pants, jeans, and dress pants. I feel like I'm always wearing some sort of a hoodie on stage with a longer undershirt just because it makes me feel comfy. I think a simple hoodie and some cool, colorful dress pants is a look.

AXS: As the stars of their latest campaign, what makes Forever 21 a good fit for you guys? What is it specifically about their Cosmic Space Collection?

RH: Freddy actually just turned 21 and plans to stay that way forever so we'll see how that goes. We've been really into the idea of space lately and the cover art of our latest EP is a kid going down a slide into space. It seems like that was just a cool coincidence, but it fits!

After a massively successful year for Louis The Child and with the recent release of their new EP, Kids At Play, the duo says there is, even more, to anticipate on the horizon. “We're gonna be working on an album in 2019 and are excited to see where that takes us. We've got some awesome people we're going to be collaborating with on music, and we're also excited to keep exploring as many forms of creativity as we can,” the pair relayed.

They also tell AXS that they don’t intend to box themselves into any one genre. “We're big fans of all music and we certainly don't restrict ourselves to creating whatever genre or sound people may categorize us by. We're always going to be trying new things and pushing ourselves creatively. We've been that way since the beginning and are lucky to have fans who understand that and encourage us to keep expanding,” the duo stated.

And who are their dream collaborations? Kid Cudi, Bon Iver, Frank Ocean, SZA, Vince Staples, Mark Foster, CHVRCHES, and Joey Pecoraro. Let’s hope the universe cosmically chooses all of that to happen next.