Majah Hype

Majah Hype

Photo by Creative Inks Photography, used with permission

Majah Hype, the Caribbean King of Comedy, has traveled the world entertaining fans with his one-of-a-kind delivery and an ever-growing cast of characters. This spring, he will bring the funny to the Love & Harmony Cruise for the second time-- sailing to Montego Bay, Jamaica, and Georgetown, Grand Cayman on the expansive Celebrity Cruise "Summit" ship. Joining him from March 24-29, 2018 are Beres Hammond, Beenie Man, Marcia Griffiths, Sanchez, Elephant Man, Mr. Vegas, Kevin Lyttle, and many other reggae and soca stars. While Majah has been on countless stages-- including a sold-out show at Brooklyn's famed Kings Theatre, and a recent performance in Bermuda--  he continues to look forward to the Love & Harmony Cruise for the entertainment experience over the course of six days and five nights.

Check out the exclusive AXS interview below for more, including Majah Hype's comedy inspiration.

AXS: What do you have in store for fans attending the Love & Harmony Cruise, especially the ones who were there last year?

MAJAH HYPE: The ones that were there last year, they definitely made the comedy show a success. It was one of the biggest attractions on the cruise. Just bringing joy and laughter and entertainment to the fans again.

AXS: What is your process for preparing for your stand-up gigs versus sketch comedy?

MH: I'm more of a spontaneous guy. I don't rehearse or write scripted things for my skits on social media, the same way I get ready for a show. I just go out and have topics to talk about. I address certain things, like current events and stuff like that. I'm always ready to make people laugh and enjoy themselves. 

AXS: There's a great lineup for the upcoming Love & Harmony Cruise-- what performances are you looking forward to seeing?

MH: I'm a fan of music and entertainment in general, so I know how to enjoy myself when it comes to that artistry. Last year was a beautiful event. L.U.S.T. was awesome, I-Wayne was awesome last year... so I know that they're going to pick a five-star line up for the fans.

AXS: When you think about your career so far, does it seem like it's been a slow progression, or does it seem like a snowball effect?

MH: Definitely a slow progression. I think that anything that's worth having takes a lot of work and it takes a lot of dedication. This business will try you as far as your dedication is concerned. I've been doing this for about six years, and I've watched the overnight sensations come around and have three million followers and five million followers. I think that I have to work way harder. Anything that you work hard for, you really enjoy it and you really respect it, and it takes a while. But I'm in it for the longevity. I'm not in it for right now. 

AXS: Where do you draw your inspiration from?

MH: It comes from life-- having friends, hearing so many different stories of their life, things that happen in my life as well, and things that are relatable to other people. I just try to keep it realistic. 

AXS: What else are you working on?

MH: I'm [traveling] and doing shows, I'm also going to start on my second movie. The first movie was called "Foreign Minds Think Alike." And just touring and engaging with the fans, and doing what I do best.

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