Maria Bamford's brand-new Netflix Comedy Original, “Old Baby,” is out now.

Maria Bamford's brand-new Netflix Comedy Original, “Old Baby,” is out now.

Photo courtesy of Netflix

On May 2, actress and comedian Maria Bamford, released her brand-new Netflix Comedy Original, “Old Baby.” Maria has been raising the bar for comics since the ‘90s and continues to prove that in the world of humor hierarchy, she belongs right at the top.

AXS had the pleasure to find out more about what the “Lady Dynamite” star is up to with her latest Netflix release and what’s in store for the future.

AXS: Can you describe for me that moment when you first knew comedy was what you wanted to do?

Maria Bamford: I read, “The Artist’s Way,” by Julia Cameron and she suggested you write what you want to be in the present tense - “I am a comedian.” And so I guess that’s one moment of many. It’s a daily decision to stay in.

AXS: Who were your comedy mentors that guided you through?

MB: I would say my dad, who always wants to hear my joke; My mom, whose verbal improvisation in everyday life is wonderful. I listened to Steve Martin and Garrison Keillor and watched Carol Burnett, but I didn’t ever think that it was an attainable job. My current mentors are fellow colleagues, whether just starting out in stand up or who’ve done it 50 years, my pals; Jackie Kashian, Melinda Hill.

AXS: What do you like best about being a stand-up comedian?

MB: The hours.

AXS: Do you think your heart rests in TV or out on the stage?

MB: As far as connecting with people, live shows give me immediate feedback and that always wins out.

AXS: Let’s talk about “Lady Dynamite.” How did that Netflix series come to be? And what are you most proud of with the show?

MB: Mitch Hurwitz liked my work and had me to lunch and asked what I wanted to do a show about, I told him, he introduced me to Pam Brady [the showrunner] and it came to pass. I’m proud that I was able to work with other people.

AXS: Do you have a favorite “Lady Dynamite” moment?

MB: I think being with my family and hubby on set this year was awesome and re-doing our two weddings.

AXS: Your Netflix Comedy Original, “Old Baby,” premiered on Tuesday, May 2. Tell me what sparked the idea to move through the various venues? And how did you pick the spots you did?

MB: I like the idea of how people’s perception of comedy changes with the number of people watching.  Whether having a big crowd makes a show “better” or not. 

AXS: What can fans expect when they tune-in and what do you hope they take away from watching it?

MB: Pugs, merch and the best I could do.

AXS: Where can fans catch you live?

MB: Florida, New York, Pennsylvania and Minnesota. Not in that order!

AXS: What’s next for you?

MB: Laying my body down for democracy.

You can head to Maria’s website for more. For everything from therapy songs to audience abandonment issues to the true story of peek-a-boo, be sure to check out, “Old Baby,” now on Netflix.