Interview: Marianas Trench's Mike Ayley talks SPF 80s tour
Marianas Trench - This Means War

Canadian pop rockers Marianas Trench have been heating up the charts in their home country with singles such as "Say Anything," "Haven't Had Enough," and "Celebrity Status," and they've been wowing fans in the United States with tours alongside Simple Plan, The Ready Set, and The Downtown Fiction. The outfit is currently on the road for their SPF 80s tour in support of their latest studio album Astoria, which gave the band their highest debut on the Billboard Top 200 chart with its position at number 53. Bassist Mike Ayley took some time out of his busy schedule to talk with us about their current tour and their upcoming debut trek through Europe in the fall.

AXS: You recently kicked off the SPF 80s tour. How have the first few shows been?

Mike Ayley: It's been a blast already. I'd be lying if I said we hadn't already played a show in our swimsuits.

AXS: Skylar Stecker is opening for you guys on this trek. How did you wind up having her as the opening act?

MA: We were introduced to her by an industry friend. We thought she would be a fun addition. She's a great singer, and all of her team members have been wonderful additions to the touring family.

AXS: What music are you playing in the bus while traveling from city to city?

MA: We don't usually play music in the bus, BUT in the dressing room before the shows, we listen to all sorts of music. '80s, '90s, and even current top 40 stuff. Whatever makes us want to dance or workout is approved.

AXS: Back in May, you released the music video for "This Means War." What was it like filming the visual?

MA: It was a great experience. We got to shoot it in LA and worked with an excellent choreographer from “ So You Think You Can Dance," Hok. It was my favourite video shoot we have done to date.

AXS: You're set to embark on your first European tour this fall. Aside from performing in front of packed venues each night, are you planning on checking out any historic landmarks?

MA: We've planned to have a couple of days off in Scotland before the tour starts. Matt and I will be checking out some scotch distilleries for sure. We don't have much time off other than that, but I will do my best to soak up as much culture as possible.

You can check out their upcoming tour dates here. Astoria is available right now on Cherrytree Records.