Interview: Mark Liber talks about Elantris’s first major tour
Gregg Bambule

As much as Mark Liber and the other members of symphonic metal band Elantris have been enjoying their 23-date tour supporting headliner Epica, they are looking forward to playing in New York on Sept. 29, at the Playstation Theater.   

“When we first got the list of where we’re playing [on this tour], I would Google Earth each venue and see the street view,” the keyboardist told “I went through all of them and I ended up in New York City and I’m like ‘OK, where’s this [venue] gonna be?’ I just figured it was going to be on the outskirts somewhere and then ‘Wow!’ So I’m walking around Times Square [via Google Earth]. All the other cities are great, but New York City is New York City. Playing in Times Square is everyone’s dream come true, I imagine.”

The Ohio-based group was handpicked by Dutch symphonic metal band Epica to join their Ultimate Principle Tour, which began on August 31 in Boston and will end in New York on Sept. 29. Also on the bill are Lacuna Coil and Insomnium. “It’s such a huge honor,” Liber said. “Because it’s them saying ‘We choose to put you in front of our fans.’”

Until now, Elantris (founded in 2014) hasn’t had much exposure to audiences outside of their hometown. They often open for bigger metal acts when their tours come through the Cleveland-Pittsburgh area. “We’d get good response, but we keep seeing the same people over and over again,” he said. “It’s like the first time every time now. It’s great — people want to take pictures with you, do autographs. And that absolutely never gets old!”

After this tour, Elantris hopes to keep the momentum going by completing their second album and then hitting the road again. Their six-song set for these shows includes four from their debut album, This Sacrifice, which was released in November 2016 and can be purchased here. The other two are unreleased, although likely to appear on the band’s next album. 

Although Elantris is not widely known — yet — they realized that “before the shows, some people would check us out online,” Liber explained. “So we wanted to give them something they hadn’t heard before.”

The other members of the band are Lindsay Ketchum (vocals), Tom Ullom (vocals), Erik Liber (drums), John Dobosh (bass), Garrett Chetock (guitar).

The remaining dates for the Ultimate Principle Tour: 

Sept. 23 - Ft Lauderdale, FL - Revolution
Sept. 24 - Orlando, FL - Plaza Live (click here for tickets)
Sept. 25 - Atlanta, GA - Masquerade
Sept 27 - Baltimore, MD - Ram's Head Live (click here for tickets)
Sept. 28 - Philadelphia, PA - Trocadero (click here for tickets)
Sept. 29 - New York, NY - Playstation Theater (click here for tickets)