Interview: Max Chapman talks traveling the world and breaking down walls with music

Max Chapman is a producer, DJ and yes, even a singer (though he doesn't want you to know it!) who has traveled the world and seen firsthand how music brings people together.

He has seen the impact of music in some of the richest and most lavish places and locales on earth, and he's witnessed it in some simple and humble places, as well. What has it all taught him? Music is what moves the soul and brings life to the heart.

As AXS sat down with the DJ to talk about his sound and upcoming show at Splash House, he told us how he does it all, travels the world and still finds time to work with his mates. 

AXS: Your recent collaboration with Leftwing & Kody was just released on Release. What do you love about the collaborative process and how did this one work in terms of the actual process

Max Chapman: It’s the same with most things – you can do it by yourself but it’s always more fun with someone else. I know that it’s really easy these days to collaborate with other producers remotely, and whilst I do that on some projects, with Leftwing & Kody we always make sure the three of us are sat in the same room. They’re my best mates so the process is always a proper laugh – it never seems like a chore and when you’re just enjoying yourself and that’s when you make the best music. Insider fact: it’s actually me doing the vocal on ‘To My Beat’, but don’t expect me to start singing or anything on tracks anytime soon

AXS: With shows in Ibiza, Croatia and the U.S., you are traveling the world. Is it tough living out of a suitcase, or do you thrive on the adventure? What have been some of the highlights from your travels in terms of the cultures you have interacted with?

MC: Yeah it’s definitely tough flying from place to place every weekend, especially as I’m normally travelling on my own, but then you’ve always got the next gig – or, if you’re at the end of the tour, going home – to look forward to, so I try not to let it bother me too much.

I’m very lucky in that I get to visit so many amazing places that I wouldn’t if I was still working my old 9-5, so I try and make the most of every new experience.

I think that one of the most amazing places I’ve visited was Antigua, Guatemala – it’s got this incredible ancient town and is surrounded by volcanoes; definitely one I’ll never forget.

AXS: Coming to the U.S. to play Splash House is a great way to continue your exposure here in the States. How would you compare your sound to the current landscape of house in the States? What would you like to introduce and inject here for your fans? 

MC: I have been playing shows in the States for a few years now and I’ve always loved my experiences there, but it’s only recently that I’ve felt the appetite of the bigger crowds has been for the kind of music I play. The shows, venues and production have always been incredible, but the music has always felt darker and more melodic than what is happening in, say, Ibiza or London.

Things are definitely changing, though, and it’s amazing to see crowds and promoters now pushing for the UK sound which is definitely more energy-driven. I think that’s what I’ll be bringing with me to Splash House – plenty of energy.

AXS: You've traveled the world and seen and experienced things that few have; what have these travels taught you about people and how music intersects with their lives?

MC: Music’s a funny one because it is definitely the one thing which has an important place in pretty much every culture. I’ve seen some huge contrasts on my travels – from places which cater to the big rollers, to those places which are on more of a budget, and I’ve always noticed that in those places where people have to keep their events to a bare minimum, they don’t enjoy the music any less – if anything they seem to get into the vibe even more!

It’s inspiring when you see people experiencing music for just what it is and aren’t distracted by the flashy side of the industry. I guess what I take from that is that while you can dress parties up with incredible production, costumes and stages, when it comes down to it we’re all there for the same thing: the music.


Take a listen below to his SoundCloud channel and get ready for the energy and beats he'll be bringing to this August's Splash House.