Interview: Megan Nicole discusses her infectious new album, 'My Kind of Party'
Photo courtesy: Status PR and used with permission

Singer/songwriter Megan Nicole’s new EP, My Kind of Party is the next chapter in the evolution of one of music’s rising stars. And with more than four million subscribers to her YouTube channel, the beautiful songstress’ latest collection continues to showcase why her hook-laden songs, catchy grooves and mature approach to songwriting appeals to such a wide variety of fans.

My Kind of Party captures Nicole’s infectiously familiar, signature sound on tracks like “Checklist” – a tongue-in-cheek, play on words about finding the right relationship. Other songs like “My Kind of Party” expose a different view of what the perfect night might be like. Then there’s the tender surreality of “Take Me Back,” a song which ponders the longing of second chance.

For such a young artist, Nicole’s musical inspiration spans four decades. From legends like Stevie Wonder and Earth Wind & Fire to refined, female-fueled songwriters like Michelle Branch. All are ingredients infused into her tasty musical stew.

AXS recently spoke with Megan Nicole about My Kind of Party and more in this exclusive new interview.

AXS: How would you describe My Kind of Party in terms of its sound and maybe how it relates to some of your previous work?

Megan Nicole: I think My Kind of Party is a mature evolution of what I’ve done in the past. It’s fun, feel-good pop with a little bit of throwback R&B and funk mixed in.

AXS: What inspires you when you write and create?

MN: The interesting thing about creating music is that inspiration can come from many different areas. Sometimes, I'll be out somewhere and I'll get an idea for a melody. Then I'll record it on my voice memo, so I can remember it for later. Other times, just a title may inspire me and I'll build off of that. Then there are times when the inspiration will come from my own life and the people around me who share stories.

AXS: Let’s discuss a few tracks from My Kind of Party, starting with the song, “Checklist”.

MN: “Checklist” is a fun, tongue in cheek song about relationships and wanting to find your perfect match. It's playful and light-hearted and that's the thing I really love about it. I used to find myself always going on dates (or talking to guys) and in the back of my head I’d be thinking, "All right. Do I have my “standard” guy here?” [laughs]. Dating life can be hard and the song asks the question, “Where is my perfect match?”

AXS: “My Kind Of Party.”

MN: That was one of those songs where I had a title in mind. I remember walking into the session and going through my notes and that title instantly stuck out to me. I wanted to write a song about what my kind of party would look like. And for me, that's a night in, where I’m just ordering food and relaxing at home [laughs]!

AXS: “Take Me Back.”

MN: I wrote that song about those situations in life where you miss your moment. It’s a song about wanting to go back to that moment and getting things right with someone. That's what it was inspired by.

AXS: Was there a particular moment in your life when you realized that music was going to be your calling?

MN: I remember when I was around sixteen and my sister started taking guitar lessons. I saw what she was doing and thought it was cool. So, I started taking them too. And from the moment I learned the basic chords, I started creating my own music. There was something about the mobility of it. The idea that I could take the guitar anywhere and write and express myself. Once I started to do that, something clicked inside of me and I couldn’t see myself doing anything else.

AXS: Who were some of your early influences?

MN: Growing up, I loved listening to artists like Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind & Fire and other seventies funk.

AXS: What was it about their music that you found so appealing?

MN: I think it was the raw and real element. Those songs relate so well because there’s a real person playing the instrument. Every time you listen to music from that era, you can’t help but want to move and dance. People want to feel good, and that kind of music really takes you there.

AXS: What excites you the most about this next phase of your career?

MN: Honestly? It’s getting more new music out. Every time I release new music it inspires me to write and share even more. I’m constantly creating and writing. The thing I’m looking forward to the most is continuing to grow and to keep moving forward. Right now, we're looking into doing some intimate acoustic performances here in California and then hitting the road with the band and bringing these songs to life!