Interview: MMA star 'Pop Tart' Kali Robbins details her obsession with sugary snacks -- and fighting
Video by Invicta FC

For MMA star Kali Robbins, "Pop Tart" isn't just a cutesy nickname. The iconic toaster pastry is a major part of her life, especially during fight camp.

In an exclusive with AXS, the Wisconsin talent boldly stated that she's so obsessed with the snack that she's looking to pick up Kellogg's as an official sponsor. "I usually have some really specific craving every fight camp. One camp it happened to be Strawberry Pop-Tarts, and then it started to stick," Robbins said of her fight nickname. "It doesn't help that I'm super obsessed with sprinkles and frosting.

"I usually have Pop-Tarts sitting in-house throughout the entire fight camp, just baiting me. I'm not sure if Kellogg's wants in on some sort of Pop-Tart promotion, but I'd definitely be happy to be a part of that. If anyone wants to throw out a good word for me, I'll be here ready to eat."

Sugar is serious business for the hard-hitting strawweight, but she's just as dedicated to fighting. After four-straight pro wins on the regional circuit, Robbins delivered an "Upset of the Year" performance with a submission win over Sharon Jacobson at Invicta FC 25. 

She followed with a hard-fought scrap against former UFC star Pearl Gonzalez at Invicta FC 28. Despite the loss, Robbins took several positives from fighting a grizzled UFC veteran. "I'm not super bummed, it wasn't my best performance -- especially on the striking side," Robbins said of the Gonzalez fight. "It was my first time past the second round and first time against someone with so much fighting experience. I walked in super confident, but ultimately knew this was going to teach me a lot. 

"I'm happy with my confidence up to the fight, my super smooth weight cut and my willingness to lay it all on the line. Ultimately, I'm not walking around feeling sorry for myself. I'm more motivated to get back to work and train even smarter."

No word yet on when Robbins fights again. In all likelihood, she'll be back inside the Invicta FC cage sometime before the end of 2018.