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Mondo Cozmo, aka. Josh Ostrander, has hit the music world by storm. While he has yet to release an album, he does have a number one hit with his single "Shine." His music name resulted from his dog's name, whom he adores, and loves to chat about. He recently made his television debut on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" and has been opening shows for Bastille in between his festival dates. He's releasing his debut album this July and already has his peers paying attention with impromptu collaborations with artists like Imagine Dragons' Dan Reynolds (the two sang their version of The Verve's "Bittersweet Symphony"). He's even had his celebrity friends star in his music videos including Anna Faris for "Hold On To Me" and Paz de la Huerta for "Higher." This personable and friendly musician has yet to slow down and is just getting started. Before his set at Shaky Knees Music Festival in Atlanta, Mondo chatted with us about touring and playing festivals. 

Having an interview with Mondo Cozmo is like talking to a friend that one hasn't seen in years. There is catching up, good conversation and an excitement from running into that person whom you haven't seen in a long time. When asked about his tour with Bastille, he says, "it's been good, and I've just finished a set with them last night, so if my voice sounds a little beat up, it's because we were partying. It was the perfect tour at the perfect time for us. We don't even have a record out, and we did (Jimmy) Kimmel, but took a red eye, and couldn't even watch 'Kimmel.' We had to go play Air Canada in Toronto; like more people at night than most bands get to see in their lifetime. That tour was amazing. It was like seven weeks of...partying." When asked if he enjoyed playing the Fox Theatre in Atlanta, he claims, "that theatre is has A LOT of steps. In that theatre, to get up to our dressing room was like fifteen flights of stairs. That's when you know it's an old theatre. It's like 'F*** you, walk.'(laughs)" 

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He adds, "if there was a chart that showed bands playing every festival this year, we'd be towards the top. I think somebody owed our booking agent money or something because we booked every f****** festival... except for Coachella." He does state that what he likes most about the festivals are "seeing the other bands play, but our schedule doesn't allow us more than ten minutes to do anything. I've got to fly out to LA. I wanted to see Dr. Dog's set really bad, and Bishop's (Briggs), but I'm talking in this room, so I can't see Bishop play (she's my girl)." 

Previously, Cozmo had been the frontman for two bands before going solo. When asked what he likes better about singing solo he says, "it was kind of scary starting on my own because you lose balancing ideas between people, which is really healthy sometimes. Yet at the same time, it became this really great thing where I was able to make decisions like that (snaps fingers). I was able to say no to things without having to ask three or four other people. It really expedited this trajectory that we have, which I think has a lot to do with the fact that my manager and I are locked in — we know what we want to do, how we want it to come across and we make decisions really quick. We move fast, and we recorded the record in two weeks. For socials (being solo), it comes across better because it's tough for bands. I follow some on Instagram, but it's tough to get a real feel sometimes because there are so many individuals. So with me, I'm just like f*** it, this is me.There's something to it, I think." 

Mondo Cozmo knows how to end an interview with a sarcastic grin and answer. When asked if there was anything he wanted his fans to know about what's happening next, he laughingly responded with, "probably checking into rehab on Christmas Eve." 

Mondo Cozmo Tour Dates: 

May 26 - George, WA - Sasquatch Music Festival
May 28 - Boston, MA - Boston Calling
June 4 - New York, NY - The Governors Ball Music Festival
June 8 - Manchester, TN - Bonnaroo Music Festival
June 17 - Dover, DE - Firefly Music Festival
July 14 - Louisville, KY - Forecastle Festival
Sept. 26 - Los Angeles, CA - El Rey Theatre (Click here for tickets)

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