Interview: Neal McCoy talks patriotism and new music
© neaalmccoy903, used with permission

Neal McCoy is known in country music for his energetic, full-throttle shows. The Platinum-selling singer blends patriotism and comedy in his mesmerizing performances and also some music, too. McCoy keeps close contact with his fans on Facebook evidenced by his greater than 600,000 followers. AXS was able to catch up with McCoy during Country Thunder and here is the ‘Cliff Notes’ version of his interview.

AXS: What are you doing today to prepare for your set on the big stage?

Neal McCoy: We are just flying our American flag up and down the roads of the United States. We are letting people know that we love our country. It’s pretty simple because there are a lot of people who don’t right now, but we are all about it. I say the pledge of allegiance on my Facebook page every morning and have for 820 days in a row. If anybody else wants to do it with us, come on over and check us out on Facebook. We are about to put on the best show of the weekend in an hour and a half.

AXS: We hear you are one of the hardest working and best performers in country music. What part of the country are you from?

NM: I am from Jacksonville, Texas. I am the only “Texapino” in country music. My mother is Filipina and my father is from northeast Texas.

AXS: How long have you been in the music business?

NM: I’ve been in it for 40 years. My tenure in show business is a long story but I’ll give you the Cliff Notes. I won a contest in Dallas, Texas in 1981. I met a guy named Charlie Pride. He took me under his wing and had me opening shows all over the world. It took nine years but I finally signed a record deal in 1990. We had some big hits in the 90s. I learned a long time ago to treat people nice and if you put on a great show, you can work for a long time. It’s pretty simple stuff.

AXS: Do you have new music out right now?

NM: We do have new music. Our newest single out new is called “Take a Knee, My *ss.” It’s not on an album. I don’t know if I can say that here. It’s about the way I felt about folks who were protesting during the national anthem. As patriotic as I am, I thought it was the wrong time, not that they don’t have a right to protest. I totally get that. I thought it was bad timing during our national anthem. People say it’s not being disrespectful to our veterans, but it does come off that way and that’s what you should be concerned about.

I have a new album, Neal McCoy’s Favorite Hits. It has ten of my favorite songs and a couple of new things that I think people will love hearing. There are some songs that I have done for the first time.

AXS: Is there anything else you would like to tell the fans before we sign off?

NM: I appreciate you giving me the opportunity to do this because sometimes we are not the flavor of country music right now. We don’t get played very much anymore. It’s always nice to talk to people and tell them what we’ve got going on.

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