Interview: Paperwhite talks family, upcoming show at Rough Trade, more

The brother-and-sister duo that makes up Paperwhite are a dream-pop duo that have been intriguing fans with their words and music since they began. To date, Katie and Ben Marshall have millions of streams of their songs, having only just debuted on the scene in 2014 with their EP, Magic. They are gearing up for the release of their third album, and have been featured on several high-profile publications like Billboard, Noisey, Buzzfeed, and more. The duo will perform as headliner, with opener Janelle Kroll when they perform at Rough Trade NYC on July 7. Grab tickets for the event here. Find out more how the duo get along, where they want to take their music, and more. 

AXS: You both are releasing your third EP soon...any plans to release a full album? 

Katie & Ben Marshall: As artists, we’re really looking forward to putting together a larger body of work for our fans but we don’t want to rush it. We want to make sure that the songs and the timing of it make sense and that we’re able to showcase our first full length album as a very authentic portrait of who we are. 

AXS: Since dream-pop has a niche sound, how did you guys determine the theme and sound for this EP?

K&B: At the end of the day, we write and release music that makes us feel something. We’ve been lucky in the past that our production style has been in tune with the trends but we always want to make sure that the song can stand alone. For this EP, we really wanted to push everything a little further and out of our comfort zones. 

AXS: Sometimes it's hard enough to live with family, but you guys make music together, and obviously get along well do you guys make it work? 

K&B: We’ve always gotten along really well and our skill sets are actually very complimentary! We also have a similar taste in music, which helps keep things running smoothly! 

AXS: How do you guys prepare a song, with lyrics and music? 

K&B: We have a few ways that we’ll write music. Sometimes, it starts with a beat or production idea that Ben has and other times it’ll start with a melody or piano riff that I’ve come up with. We try and mix it up! 

AXS: Any special surprises planned for your show at Rough Trade?

K&B: We’re still ironing out all of the details but we can tell you this - Rough Trade on July 7 is going to be a blast. We'll be dancing all night! 

AXS: Is there a summer/fall tour? 

K&B: We would absolutely love to take these tunes on the road. Nothing’s confirmed yet, but we’re planning on getting some shows lined up soon. 

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