Interview: Pat Green discusses what Billy Bob's Texas means to him
AXS — YouTube

Many country stars have graced the stage of Billy Bob's Texas, including country star Pat Green who is gearing up for his 37th appearance at the iconic country venue.

Set to perform on Feb. 1, 2020 — Green's show will be the first show at Billy Bob's Texas ticked by AXS. The venue's new partnership with AXS will provide a mobile-first and customer-friendly platform that will streamline the ticketing experience for Billy Bob's fans. 

In an AXS exclusive, Green was on hand for the announcement and reminisced on his history with Billy Bob's, including his experience wiggling to the front of the crowd to catch his first glimpse of Willie Nelson on stage. 

"I can say that in my lifetime, in my relationship with Billy Bob's, I have experienced the highest highs of my life and the lowest lows at the same time because I can mark my time in my life by the shows that I've done here," Green said. "I've had so many shows here. If you have a history like I have with this place, you don't ever want it to go away."

For almost 40 years, Billy Bob’s has hosted the biggest stars in country music and classic rock scenes. Billy Bob’s has been named “Country Music Club of the Year” 12 times by the Academy of Country Music and the Country Music Association.

"This place is kind of like Disneyland for country singers," Green said. "It's undeniable. I mean, everyone has played here. Everyone."

Tickets for Pat Green's show at Billy Bob's Texas on Feb. 1, 2020 for on sale on Friday, Dec. 13 on AXS.