Interview: Pop singer Desi Valentine talks about single 'My Worst Enemy' and says full album coming next year
Courtesy of Desi Valentine

Soulful pop singer Desi Valentine has good news for fans who are waiting for a follow-up to his recent single "My Worst Enemy." The singer has revealed to AXS that a new album is in the works for 2018. Valentine has an impressive resume; he's worked as a backup singer for Elton John, had a hit in his native UK with "Fate Don't Know You" and had his music placed in popular television shows like "Lucifer." And he's currently wowing crowds with his live show as he tours with Vintage Trouble.

From out on the road, Valentine answered some questions for us by email, including revealing his plans for the release of new music. His commentary below is given exclusively to

AXS: Your new single “My Worst Enemy” was inspired in part by a paradoxical time in your life when you were having trouble making ends meet despite having a hit with “Fate Don’t Know You.” Has your definition of what it means to be successful changed significantly over the years?

Desi Valentine: For me, the Universe gives me a good kicking before anything good is about to happen. After the fact, I always realize that it’s to make me appreciate everything that happens to me. In my experience, you have to be grateful and grounded when things are going well, and truly learn and grow from the hard times, no matter what level of success you reach.

AXS: After you moved to Los Angeles you started getting your music placed in television shows. How did your first break in this aspect of your career come about? Did you foresee these possibilities when planning your move?

DV: When I moved to Los Angeles I knew maybe two people in the music industry and I had no clue how I was gonna break into the industry. I figured if there was a way to get my music working for me I could make some money and maybe some recognition would come from that too. It only took four years for me to get the TV placement that changed everything for me. When the USA show “Suits” used my song “Fate Don’t Know You” as its season six mid-season finale I was completely shocked. It took me weeks to even register it and if I’m honest I still pinch myself that it happened. I couldn’t have predicted it and I have so much to thank the show for.

AXS: How is your tour with Vintage Trouble going so far? Have you had an opportunity to join them during their set, or have fun singing with Ty Taylor offstage?

DV: The Vintage Trouble tour is amazing so far. Some awesome venues across the country. It’s a joy to get to watch their show each night. Ty actually asked me to join him in a duet for the next leg of the tour, so we are figuring out which song to pick. Can’t wait to share the stage with righteous guys. Gonna soak in every minute.

AXS: Do you plan on hitting the studio after the tour finishes? Can you give us a scoop on your plans for future singles or an album?

DV: I have been in the recording studio solidly for the last year and a half working on material for a full album. My plan is to put out an EP in the spring of next year then plan to drop the full album in the summer. I’m just loving touring and I can’t wait for fans to hear the EP now that I’ve had such a great reaction from the new songs live.

AXS: Can you share a favorite memory from your time performing with Elton John?

DV: Standing on stage at the O2 arena (in London) on New Year’s Eve with Elton was such an incredible feeling. I’ve never been on a stage that makes you feel that tiny in its vastness.

AXS: Other than people, what do you most miss about England?

DV: I miss Marks & Spencer! That’s my favorite fancy grocery store to buy food. They do amazing pastries and potato chips. I’m the biggest piglet you will ever meet, so give me good food and I’m a very happy man!

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