Interview: Pop vocalist Seana discusses infectious new single, ‘To The Ground’
Photo credit: Noah from Triple Glance Productions

Ethereal, haunting and cinematic. Those are the words that best describe vocalist Seana’s new pop-flavored single, “To The Ground.”

The new single and video showcases the pop side of the sultry singer’s musical prowess. With orchestral arrangements combined with hook-laden melodies and meaningful lyrics, Seana treads new territory on “To The Ground” while never forgetting her rock roots.

AXS recently spoke with Seana about “To The Ground” and her pop project. We also got an update on We Start Wars, the all-female original band which features Seana as well as guitarist Nita Strauss (Alice Cooper). The band recently had their debut performance at The Whisky A Go Go in Los Angeles, CA.

AXS: We Start Wars played their first show at the legendary Whisky A Go Go. What was that experience like?

Seana: It was my first time ever stepping foot inside The Whisky and it was incredible. The thing I love most about it is wondering what went on behind those walls before I was even born [laughs]. So many awesome bands have played there and it was cool to be a small part of its history.

AXS: You have a new solo project you’re working on now. How would you describe your sound and how it relates to We Start Wars?

S: My solo project is more in the pop realm as far as genre goes. I'm inspired by film and the arts and scoring, so I wanted to have a more cinematic vibe for this project. It relates to We Start Wars in that I’m able to stick to my rock roots for certain songs to give them a little more edge. Another similar thing is that the lyrics in both hold meaning. The genre doesn't change that at all.

AXS: How important is it for your lyrics to have meaning and is it hard to keep that focus?

S: It's extremely important. There has to be a piece of me in every song or something that I can relate to. It makes the song more authentic. Music is my therapy and I can’t imagine singing a song night after night that has no meaning. It hasn't been hard to keep focus here in LA though, because there's always something going on to inspire me.

AXS: What’s the most inspiring thing about living in L.A.?

S: The people. A lot of people argue that everyone's here to sing or act, but that's what I love about it! I love being amongst like-minded individuals because I can relate to their creative lives. You can never have too many people with passions. It's a beautiful thing. 

AXS: Let’s discuss your new track, “To The Ground.” Can you tell me how it came about?

S: It was actually inspired by the film, “Jumanji”. There’s so much chaos and so many things going on in this world right now that it made me feel like were living in Jumanji. I wanted to write a song about connection and being there for one another.

Click here to see the video of "To The Ground" 

AXS: Was there a message or theme you wanted to convey through the video?

S: I have to give huge shout out to Noah from Triple Glance Productions who shot the video for me. He’s a photographer who also does short films and editing. When we got together and started talking about ideas we decided that wanted to keep things simple. We filmed in Van Nuys, California and I wanted the video to have a “light at the end of the tunnel” kind of vibe. That’s why there’s a grungy/street scene and a separate light and airy scene. It goes back and forth between the light and the dark to remind people that during these hard times we can make it through.

AXS: Is the new single part of a larger project you’re working on?

S: It's one of song three songs I've recorded for my pop project, Seana. I'm hoping to release another song soon and shoot another music video. I'm taking things one day at a time. 

AXS: Are there any other projects you’re currently working on?

S: Nita's on the road with Alice Cooper and the rest of us have been writing songs and piecing together new ideas for We Start Wars and sending things back and forth through email. Once Nita's back, we'll start honing in and working on the new record. I’ve also been getting more into acting recently and have done a bit of background work. It's so much fun. I love it!

AXS: What are you most looking forward to with the release of “To The Ground”?

S: I've always been in a rock band so people may be used to hearing the rock side of me. So I'm excited to see how they’ll react to this other side of my music. I'm intrigued to see how everything’s going to unfold.