Interview: Punk pioneer Palmyra Delran discusses her infectious new single, ‘Come Spy With Me’
Photo by Fred Lammers and used with permission

Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Palmyra Delran has often been referred to as the “Lucille Ball of Rock ‘n’ Roll” by the legendary Little Steven Van Zandt. But the trash-pop maven and punk pioneer is provoking espionage with her infectiously cool new single, “Come Spy With Me.”

The song is the title-track of Delran’s new album that’s due out Nov. 9. The album mixes groove-ridden elements from the early days of punk and explores subjects like today’s volatile political climate. “Come Spy With Me” also features an arsenal of special guests, including Van Zandt, Debbie Harry (Blondie), and John Carlucci (Fuzztones).

AXS is excited to premiere Delran’s new single, “Come Spy With Me” and recently spoke with about the new music and more in this exclusive interview.

AXS: What inspired the new track, "Come Spy With Me"?

Palmyra Delran: Initially, it was sort of a nod to cool spy shows like “Get Smart”. I’ve always liked the image of people talking into shoes and watches, which are things you can actually do now. I also love those clunky flashcubes on cameras. There was always something so funny about snapping a picture, getting temporarily blinded by the flash and then it would click to the next position. Then I made the connection between that and how weird the world has become. You see surveillance cameras on almost every corner and wonder why people even bother committing crimes. Everything is recorded and they’re sometimes in custody by the next day. 

AXS: How would you describe your sound?

PD: Trash Pop… not Pop Trash. Trashy Pop describes the sound of the pop music. My stuff is a little rough but still catchy - with harmonies, hooks and riffs. It’s gotta be melodic! 

Listen to "Come Spy With Me"

AXS: What's your writing process like? What inspires you when you write and create?

PD: A lot of the time it starts with a title and then I’ll think of a story. But it can really come from anything - lyrics, melody or hooks. There’s no ‘normal’ for me and sometimes the right moment of inspiration will come at inopportune times.

AXS: What else can fans expect from your new album, which comes out November 9th?

PD: It’s a pretty diverse record. It has something for everyone! Sonically, It sounds fantastic!

AXS: What can you tell me about the special guests you have lined up on the new album?

PD: I’m a lucky gal to know so many great musicians! Each one was super-focused and came up with cool additions. I was a fan of Little Steven’s guitar work for a long time. He totally got the vibe and supplied the missing piece of the puzzle. The day in the studio with Debbie Harry was so much fun! We had a lot of laughs and her vocals are so gorgeous. 

AXS: What are you most looking forward to about the new album and this next phase of your career?

PD: I’m so excited to see what comes next, and I usually just go with it. There will be more gigs, more songwriting… and definitely more records!