Interview: Ron Gallo on the hope of 'Heavy Meta'

Although he just released his new album, Ron Gallo isn't necessarily the same person who crafted its songs: "[Heavy Meta] came from a place of extreme self-doubt and frustration with humanity," Gallo explains of his latest LP. "And while I still see where I was coming from, I don't necessarily feel that way [anymore]." Luckily, listeners in any state of mind can jibe with Gallo's irreverent wit, astute social commentary and good old fashioned garage rock.

Gallo recently relocated from Philadelphia to Nashville, where he has quickly made his presence loud and clear (see video below). He told AXS about crafting his "timely" album, riling up Nashville's Lower Broad and seeking the good in humanity, and himself. Check it out above. 

Gallo joins Hurrah for the Riff Raff on April 18 and 19 at The Sinclair; grab tickets here. Heavy Meta is available now via New West Records