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Groove Cruise Miami sailed away from the Port of Miami last week bound for Grand Turk Island with a party led by Sam Feldt that the Groove Cruise family will not soon forget. The set took place above the main pool deck on the boat filled with passengers as the sun set over the Miami skyline and the Carnival Victory pulled out into open international waters. To make the night even more special, Sam was also gracious enough to spend part of his set overseeing an impromptu engagement of two die-hard Groove Cruise super fans on deck.

AXS caught up with Sam right after the set and spent some time with him onboard the ship to discuss new music and how he stays connected with fans. Click here for more coverage of Groove Cruise Miami.

AXS: You just performed the sail away from Miami on the awesome spot on top of the deck leaving port. What was that experience like for you?

Sam Feldt: It was an honor first and foremost. I had never been on a Groove Cruise before so having me perform on the sail sway party was a huge honor for me.

AXS: What are you most looking for on the boat?

SF: I have just performed my one and only set on the cruise so I am looking forward to having a good time watching a lot of great acts perform and recharging a bit.  I want to have a good time before I start touring again.

AXS: You definitely have some super fans onboard dancing along to your set. How do you stay connected to your fans?

SF: Good question. I always try to push out new songs every month whether it is remixes or new originals. I try to do tours across the States and around the world even in the small cities just to make sure I can play to the crowds that listen to my music. It’s really cool to see that even playing a cruise or a party happening in Miami that there are so many people that come to these parties listening to my music. It is so awesome.

AXS: You have your own radio show. How do you come up with ideas for your show? A lot of people have talked about listening to it onboard.

SF: It has been hard. I used to do mixtapes every one or two months and now I have to do a radio show every week. Every week I have to find 20 or 30 tracks to play that I really like listening to that I want to put in the radio show. Then you have to mix the show, write the show, and then voiceover the show. It is a lot of work but I see the response has been great all across the world. I think we are broadcasting to about 30 or 40 FM stations across the world so it has really been paying off the last year.

AXS: How do you choose the songs? Is it stuff you are listening to right now?

SF: Yeah. It is called HeartFeldt Radio. The name is there for a reason. HeartFeldt Radio stands for what comes from my heart and what I enjoy listening to right now. It is the same for my HeartFeldt playlist I have on Spotify right now. Every week I have ten songs that really come from my heart. The same is true for my radio show. I try to find 15 or 20 songs that really resonate with what I am listening in the moment.

AXS: What are your dream collaborations?

SF: There are so many. It is so hard to list them all. I really enjoy listening to folk stuff like John Mayer or Jack Johnson. Paul McCartney would be my dream collaboration. But also, producer-wise I would love to do a track with Kygo sometime. So I really have a large spectrum of dream collaborations.

AXS: You also played the Red Hot Chili Peppers who are my favorites tonight.

SF: I would also love to do a track with Mick Jagger. There are so many talented in the music industry and I can’t really say who is my dream collaboration.

AXS: What has been your favorite show ever?

SF: It has to be Coachella. Last year I played the two weekends. I brought along two singers, a live saxophonist, a feature packed show, and 50 minutes of fun music and I loved that.

AXS: Coachella is always amazing. Are there any other festivals you would like to do in the summer?

SF: Lollapalooza and Electric Forest. There are so many festivals I would love. I couldn’t just name one.

AXS: Lollapalooza has changed a lot the past few years. They have a whole EDM huge stage area now that always has one of the biggest crowds.

SF: That is why I was so honored to play Coachella last year because they aren’t an EDM festival. It is more of a pop and rock festival with a few EDM that they consider booking and I was one of them. These types of festivals mean the most to me. For example, if you play at Ultra, you are one of the 100 DJs playing there but if you play Coachella you are one of ten. So it is more special.

AXS: Tell me about the new music video you will be shooting this weekend after Groove Cruise?

SF: It is going to be for my new single, “Open Your Eyes” with Hook N Sling. I am doing the video shoot on the island of Curacao next week. I lived on the Island for a year and it stays in my heart. It is a good setting for a video.