The members of teen pop group JAGMAC, whose current single "Soldiers" is now available on iTunes.

The members of teen pop group JAGMAC, whose current single "Soldiers" is now available on iTunes.

Marianne Harris/Courtesy of Advantage PR

For the members of JAGMAC, music is a family business. The six siblings have formed a pop group, titled after the first initial of all of their first names - Jared, Angelique, Gabriel, Manjo, Alyssa and CJ - and are hoping to rise from Baltimore into being the country's next pop sensation. They connected with AXS for an email interview to talk about the release of their current single "Soldiers" and their aspirations as they continue to build their name.

AXS: What was it that made you all decide that you wanted to pursue a career in music, and do it together?

JAGMAC: Music was always a love of ours at an early age and has played a huge role in our lives. As kids, however, we never thought it would eventually become a career for us. After establishing ourselves as a music group and performing our songs for people, we truly felt that it was our calling.

AXS: How do you describe your sound?

JAGMAC: Our new project has been an incredible experience! We’re so lucky to be working with such talented people. The things that will probably stand out the most to people will be the funky pop/EDM elements and our crazy JAGMAC harmonies. We're not sure if we could pick a favorite song because we love them all. We like to think of ourselves as a modern day Jackson 5 meets the Black Eyed Peas.  However, we are influenced by all genres of music.

AXS: What do you want audiences to take away when they hear your music?

JAGMAC: We want our listeners to not only dance and jam to our songs, but to really sit down and hopefully listen to what we have to say. In all the songs we write, we try to always keep it positive and real at the same time. Our goal is for listeners to be inspired and happy when hearing our music.

AXS: With so many voices in the group, what's your process for recording?

JAGMAC: We don't really have a specific creative process that we stick to. As long as the music feels right to the whole group, we’re all right. We’re also pretty simple when it comes to the essentials for working in the studio. All we need is some food to munch on and positive vibes from everyone.

AXS: Though you don't have any live performances lined up yet, what's the last concert that you enjoyed as fans?

JAGMAC: Not too long ago, a few of us went to the Ariana Grande concert in DC with Little Mix as their opening act. It was very special to us because we were Little Mix’s opening act for their UK tour last year. All those ladies are extremely talented.

"Soldiers" is now available on iTunes.

For more on JAGMAC, visit their official website.