Interview: Social media influencer, Hannah Monds, talks new music video
Hannah Monds

The popular social media influencer, Hannah Monds, tells strong female-based stories through music as a way to empower women of all ages. She is a singer, songwriter and actress, and she knew from a young age that she wanted to be an entertainer. Her life story is the driving force that prepares her for the creative lifestyle she's pursuing. While growing up in Nashville, her desire to pursue the arts prompted her to move to Los Angeles to continue her life goal.

Her creative mission is to impact everyone she comes in contact with and leave them inspired and wanting more out of life. Her latest single and music video, "Persuasion," sends the message to all women that they are born with a unique gift that can change the world for the better. We chatted with Monds about her latest single, her faith, how it impacts her work and more. 

AXS: Your latest video is for your new, empowering and inspiring single, "Persuasion." Tell us what makes this song so special to you? 

Hannah Monds: It's my first single stepping out as an artist so this record will always have that significance. "Persuasion," specifically, is an anthem to all the strong, confident and brave women. My ultimate goal and desire is to always shine women in a bigger light. I'm very dominant, and the song is for the ladies that get put in the backseat in life. I don’t want that for us women, because we are amazing and we can do it all. 

AXS: How do you maintain your faith in an often fast-paced and worldly environment?

HM: I grew up in a very supportive ,and I would say, somewhat strict household. I was taught at a young age to have a hard work ethic and stay persistent in everything I do. That's exactly what I do. I stay persistent and don’t let anything stop me. I have faith in myself, and most importantly God. I know I have a purpose, and I’ve been blessed with a talent that I refuse to let go to waste. I'm here to conquer, not be conquered.

AXS: You are heralded as a social media influencer. How did you get into social media? 

HM: I just hopped on the bandwagon when it started and as it's evolved, I’ve followed just like everyone else pretty much (laughs). I love it because I am able to interact with supporters, use my platform to showcase my music, along with other things I’m working on.  

AXS: How has growing up in Nashville, an important city of music, shaped your desire to be a musician and social media influencer?

HM: Nashville is a wonderful place to learn about music, spend time within the culture of music, and overall develop as an artist. It has most definitely played a role in my desire to be a musician. However, Nashville is my comfort place and as an artist I want to challenge myself and grow. So I moved to Los Angeles for that extra push, I guess you could say. I know most people can relate to being too comfortable in a situation that it doesn’t test you and push you to your highest potential. My goal is to be one of the greatest and in order to do that I have to test my limits.

AXS: What do you hope and plan to accomplish throughout this year? 

HM: To work on as much music as possible. I want to sing and write about other things as well. I'm an artist, before I am a singer. I'm artistic and love to tell stories through music to make people feel some emotion. In any body of work that I do, I want my audience to truly feel the song and feel that moment. I have more music coming soon and plan to keep people on their toes with surprises. I'm not where I want to be as an artist. My goal is to constantly evolve, get better with my craft and continue to listen and learn. 

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