Interview: Social media star Zach Clayton teases his debut EP
Zach Clayton/YouTube

Zach Clayton is known for his massive following on social media, where he has some nine million followers across his combined social media platforms and is partnered with the social media company YouNow to create original content. But he has also been expanding his reach into the world of music. After several successful single releases since last June, Clayton dropped his debut EP Kick It With Me and enjoyed his first solo tour dates this month. He conducted an email interview with AXS to discuss how he makes music and what he's looking for with the album.

You can watch his recent video from his summer tour by using the media player included with this article, listen to the title track from the EP here, and continue reading to learn more about Zach Clayton the musician.

AXS: What motivated you to become a musician in addition to your success in social media?

Zach Clayton: I’ve always had a deep passion for music, but I didn’t unleash it until I recorded my first song. After my first music video [for debut single "Nothin' But Love"] got 2.2 million views, I realized that this is something I’m really interested in pursuing.

AXS: How do you describe yourself as a singer? Is it different than the Zach Clayton audiences already know?

ZC: I sing each line as if I’m stating it to someone across the room and I really want to get my message across. This EP is unique to me because each song has its own style. Each track has fresh sound.

AXS: What's the impression that you want to leave with music fans?

ZC: I hope they just take in the songs and have fun with it, and just [find] songs they like to blast in the car.

AXS: You've performed previously on DigiTour and elsewhere. What are your live performance plans in support of the EP?

ZC: I’m going on my first official solo tour this summer and will be performing all the songs off the EP. I was on tour in Houston, which is super close to my hometown, so all my family was there in the crowd. I had so many fans showing support on the ground which made it really special.

Kick It With Me is now available on iTunes. You can also find Clayton's past singles through his artist page on iTunes. His summer tour dates have yet to be announced but will be available here.

For more on Zach Clayton, visit his official website.