Interview: Stephanie Quayle on learning to 'Love the Way You See Me'

"I feel like I'm finally my whole self," Stephanie Quayle tells AXS. "And I think that if anyone wanted to know who I am, they could listen to that album and they'd know." The country artist recently revealed exactly who she is when she stopped by the AXS Patio in downtown Los Angeles to perform and discuss songs from her new album Love the Way You See Me.

"A lot of good songs, a lot of not so good songs, some great shows, some not so great shows" led to Quayle's most fully-realized project yet, a diverse collection of songs that reflect an artist willing and able to broach wide-ranging topics and styles to convey the most personal, and subsequently, most universal truths.

Check out the video above to learn more about Love the Way You See Me, the power of the Flock of Quayle and why she has the greatest job in the world.