Interview: Stewart Copeland on making documentaries and what to expect during Classic Rock Week
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HDNET is bringing classic rock fans a powerful lineup of documentaries for an entire week, beginning July 16. The week of rockumentaries will be hosted by Stewart Copeland, former drummer of The Police

Kicking off the Classic Rock Week will be The Police's own rockumentary, "Everyone Stares: The Police Inside Out," which was directed by Copeland himself. The film is compiled of Super 8 footage Copeland recorded during his time with the band. It took Copeland a number of years after recording to dig up the footage and put the finished product together.

"The fun part was cutting it," Copeland said. "Shooting it was a really good hobby on the road, but cutting it in final cut pro, I really enjoyed playing with it. It was like playing with my glory days in a way, editing it and also doing a lot of visual effects. What made it all work was that the material was so strong because the adventure was so strong."

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The style of "Everybody Stares" is not like most documentaries where the entire band is in front of the camera. Copeland recorded his footage as a first person shooter, which allows the viewer to really gets a sense of being a member of the band. Copeland's film captivates the experience of being in the band and the journey they went through during their musical career. 

"My own movie about my own band is not so much the story, it’s the experience," Copeland said. "My band was notorious for a lot of strife and now that we’re all grown up and wise we understand the purpose of that strife and what it was all founded in. There were good reasons why we clashed, we cared about what we were doing but had different artistic sensibilities, so we were gonna clash. It wasn’t because the other guy was a dickhead, although when you’re young it seems that way. But the strange thing is under my film, I guess I only turned it on when we weren’t shouting at each other. All I have is the laughs and good times that we had, so my film is actually pretty cheerful."

"Everybody Stares" is just the tip of the Classic Rock Week iceberg. Rush, Pink Floyd, Chicago, Rod Stewart and The Doors will all have documentaries airing during HDNET's special program. Copeland suggests fans especially tune in for "The US Generation."

"'The Us Generation' about the Us Festival is a classic," Copeland said. "That is a great movie because they were all really great bands that played there. It really was the bands of the cusp, and that was the festival of the cusp between the old and the new, between the hippies and the punks. You know the hippie generation and the new wave. Most clearly it was the cusp between two entirely different hairdos, long hair and short hair."

Classic Rock Week will kick-off on HDNET Movies on July 16 and run for seven days with a total of 19 documentaries. Check out the full program below and be sure to tune in on HDNET.

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Monday, July 16
8:00 pm EST – "Everyone Stares, The Police Inside Out"
9:15 pm EST – "The US Generation: The 1982 US Festival"
11:05 pm EST – "The Story of Rod Stewart"

Tuesday, July 17
8:00 pm EST – "The Doobie Brothers: Let the Music Play"
9:50 pm EST – "Bad Company: The Official Authorized 40th Anniversary Doc"
11:20 pm EST – "Elton John: Music Man"

Wednesday, July 18
8:00 pm EST – "Sensation: The Story of The Who’s Tommy"
9:25 pm EST –"No Direction Home: Bob Dylan"
12:50 am EST – "Les Paul: Chasing Sound"

Thursday, July 19
8:00 pm EST – "Allman Brothers: After the Crash"
9:55 pm EST – "Chicago: The Terry Kath Experience"
11:20 pm EST – "Eric Clapton: The 1970s Review"

Friday, July 20
8:00 pm EST – "The Doors: Mr. Mojo Risin’ – The Story of L.A. Woman"
9:00 pm EST – "The Rolling Stones: Crossfire Hurricane"
10:55 pm EST – "Rush: The Rise of Kings 1968-1981"

Saturday, July 21
8:00 pm EST – "Gone with the Wind: The Rise and Fall of Lynyrd Skynyrd"
10:50 pm EST – "Stevie Ray Vaughan-1984-1989: Lonestar"

Sunday, July 22
8:00 pm EST – "Pink Floyd: Story of Wish You Were Here"
9:05 pm EST – "Roger Waters The Wall"