Interview: The Story So Far guitarist Will Levy talks about band's new album 'Proper Dose'
Courtesy of Pure Noise Records

The story so far on San Francisco Bay Area rock band The Story So Far is kind of a long one; the group has been around for more than a decade. But a couple of exciting chapters have just been added to the band’s story as the guys, singer Parker Cannon, singer and guitarist Kevin Geyer, guitarist Will Levy, bass man Kelen Capener and drummer Ryan Torf have hit big with their new album Proper Dose. Not even a month old yet, the album, released on the Pure Noise label, has rocketed to the #1 slot on two different charts at Billboard.

Besides having a hit album, The Story So Far is about to wrap up a successful tour of Europe. They’ll be home resting up for a couple of weeks before heading back out on the road for a tour of the country that’ll consume all of November. Levy checked in from the U.K. to answer a few questions for us by email; his commentary below is given exclusively to

AXS: Your new album Proper Dose hit #1 on the Billboard Top Rock Albums and Alternative Albums charts and this is a milestone for The Story So Far. How did you feel when you got the news and how did you celebrate?

Will Levy: It’s a pretty humbling feeling. To be fair, we’ve never really been concerned with numbers like that, but this is undeniably a big moment for the band. Some of us went out for pancakes when we were in Berlin to celebrate. 

AXS: How has the tour of Europe been? Do you have a favorite story from the jaunt?

WL: This European run has been the best one we’ve had yet. We’ve been lucky with good weather and have been able to check out more cities than usual. The response in Europe and in the U.K. has been amazing and we’re feeling good. We went to Amsterdam and enjoyed the local cafes for an afternoon and that was quite the experience. 

AXS: Tell us a little about the making of the video for “Upside Down.”

WL: The “Upside Down” video shoot took place in Malibu. We performed the song about 50 times so we were pretty well rehearsed. 

AXS: Proper Dose has been released on vinyl. Do you like to listen to music on vinyl, and what are some of your favorite vinyl pieces, either vintage or new?

WL:  I do listen to music on vinyl. My most recent purchases are George Harrison’s Living in the Material World and Stop Making Sense by Talking Heads.

AXS: So, what’s the proper dose of The Story So Far anyway?

WL: Our proper dose is understanding that we are all one and everything is one. 

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