Interview: Them Evils deliver classic rock with a modern roll
Kaelan Borowsky

Rock and roll is about simplicity, swagger, and fun. Southern California’s Them Evils embrace that spirit in everything they do. Their music finds influence in the riff-centric groove of Black Sabbath, the bluesy earthiness of Led Zeppelin, the melody of The Beatles, and the blusterous audacity of the Rolling Stones. Despite the trio’s vintage inspiration, there is also a good bit of present-day attitude as well. In a recent interview with AXS, vocalist and guitarist Jordan Griffin talked about keeping their sound fresh and relevant.

“That’s something we’re conscious of. We write music we are inspired by. We love the sound of classic rock. With think it’s the best type of music. As a band these days, you have to stay relevant. You have to sound modern. That’s just the way it is. I heard it referred to as classic rock with a modern roll. That’s probably one of the best ways to describe us.”

Griffin founded the nucleus of Them Evils in Las Vegas with bassist Jake Massanari. The duo packed their dreams up and relocated to Huntington Beach where they eventually connected with drummer David Delaney. The chemistry came from within, but as Griffin admits, the band’s playful name came from a higher power.  “Funny story, my Mom actually got the name. She was driving through Temecula and she was texting my Uncle at the time. She spelled the city name wrong and Siri auto-corrected Temecula to Them Evils. So my Mom texted me and said ‘Hey, I’ve got a good band name for you—Them Evils.’ I was like, hell yeah, that’s perfect.”

The trio is currently running a Pledge Campaign for its upcoming EP, due May 4. The EP is being produced by Kato Khandwala, who has helmed albums by the likes of The Pretty Reckless, Blondie, and Breaking Benjamin. Griffin says it hasn’t always been easy, as Khandwala is a notorious taskmaster in the studio. “He doesn’t accept anything less than 100%,” offers the singer. “If you come up with a riff or a song and it’s not up to par, he’ll straight up tell you, ‘Dude, that sucks. Write something new.’ I wouldn’t really ever want to work with another producer. He records a lot of number one albums. He knows what he’s doing. He knows music. He knows how to record, and he understands the whole business.”

Them Evils recently released a video for the track, “She Got Nothin’. The song is a re-recording for the new EP. “That was one of the songs that when our management first picked us up, they thought it was a bitchin’ song, but the team always felt we could have recorded it better,” shares Griffin. “The first time we recorded it, we just went into the studio and winged it, and it turned out to be a really good song. Our manager and Kato really like it, so we decided to redo it.”

You can check out the video for “She Got Nothin’” below, and listen to the full interview with Jordan Griffin here. Catch Them Evils will be on tour this spring with Red Sun Rising.

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