Interview: Three Guests talk about their smash single 'Marilyn,' and what's next for them
Directed by Steven Garnett

The young trio, Three Guests, have recently released a huge, debut single, "Marilyn," that has resonated with fans all around the world due to the impact of social media. The message that "Marilyn" exhibits is empowering, blended with smooth-pop and hip-hop. The trio are from Erie, Pa. and prior to their recent hit sensation, they had been writing music and performing together for years. They would create music on their laptops in their basements, and jam out to their creations. "Marilyn" is just the beginning of Three Guests story and we're excited to gain some more insight into this fun trio. We chatted with them about their hit single, how they feel about it being such a popular hit so suddenly and what's in store for them throughout the rest of the year. 

AXS: What's  the story behind your new single that just dropped, "Marilyn”?

Three Guests: The story behind "Marilyn," as with most of our songs, comes from girls in our own personal lives. We felt we wanted to write a song to illustrate something we noticed from our own experiences, and to do so with a popular figure such as Marilyn Monroe would really make the song something special. We wanted to stress that everyone is someone’s idea of beauty, and since beauty is in the eye of the beholder, why can’t everyone be a “Marilyn Monroe”?

AXS: The fan reaction to the single has been amazing! Did you all expect that so quickly? 

TG: We always had confidence in our music and we’re excited to release it to music fans, but we didn’t expect Marilyn to take off the way it did so quickly and organically.  We are thrilled by the growth "Marilyn" continues to have to this day and are honored to have so many new fans.

AXS: For years, you guys have been playing and writing songs together. When did you guys decided you wanted to pursue it publicly? 

Jordan Rys: About two and a half years ago we decided to pursue music publicly when Noah (DeVore) and Ben (Waldee) were messing around with some piano and drums one day and they ended up writing a few songs. They told me about the songs and everything clicked and the rest is history. Together we began making tracks on the computer, buying inexpensive microphones to record, and performing at small local venues. One late night we were searching online for a way to “get discovered”. We found a platform called TuneGO and now we’re working with some of the biggest names in the music industry.

AXS: Do you guys have plans to release an EP/album soon? 
TG: We absolutely have an EP coming soon along with another upcoming single. The dates are yet to be determined because we’re still enjoying the buzz that "Marilyn" is generating. Very soon, however, we’ll have new music for our fans!

AXS: What's the rest of 2017 hold in store for you guys? 

TG: The rest of 2017 is going to be very exciting! We’re moving to Las Vegas where TuneGO is located and the recording studio where we record our music. TuneGO is the company that discovered us and signed us to their music label. TuneGO’s artist-friendly approach to music is something we absolutely love. In the rest of 2017, we’re going to perform live in Las Vegas and Los Angeles along with other cities and of course our fans can expect new music. We’ll also have a major announcement that we must keep secret now, but when announced it’ll be big news! We’re humbled and excited about the future. 2017 will be a memorable year for us.