Tiara Thomas releases new EP, 'FWMM'

Tiara Thomas releases new EP, 'FWMM'

Photo by Public Records, used with permission

Soulful singer-songwriter Tiara Thomas recently released her newest EP, F****** with My Mind (FWMM), under a new record label and team. Best known for her sultry vocals on Wale's hit single, "Bad," Thomas introduces fans to other dimensions of herself and her talent on the seven-track project. FWMM  is the first release from Toronto's Public Records, in conjunction with Audio Dope, and coincides with Thomas' upcoming North American tour. The Indianapolis native has been busy-- dropping the EP Don't Mention My Name  last year, and embarking on an international tour with R&B singer H.E.R. FWMM presents her thoughts on love, self-reflection, and the future, in addition to countless feelings experienced on life's journey. Listeners will melt in Thomas' smooth vocals, feel refreshed by her honesty, and relate to the range of emotions expressed. Download FWMM on iTunes, and check out our exclusive interview with Tiara Thomas below.

AXS: How would you describe the beginning of your career?

TIARA THOMAS: It was interesting. Definitely a learning experience. Everything happened kinda fast with “Bad” and then there was kinda some drama around it so I couldn’t really absorb everything until later. 

AXS: What has been the evolution since "Bad"?

TT: I feel like a different person. Like, back then I felt like a scared kid. I had to learn a lot about myself and just growing up. As an artist, I think I’ve definitely gotten more creative with my songwriting, and even a better musician. 

AXS: What was the process of creating FWMM?

TT: I was booked in a couple dope studios in LA. A bunch of my producer friends sent me tons of beats and I went through them all and selected which tracks I wanted to write to. I went to RnBass [Studios] one night to meet with the founder, Jamie, and he played me some beats and I ended up taking one with me and writing “Sex Drive.” 

AXS: What has been the response so far?

TT: I’ve gotten a lot of dope feedback; I’ve seen hardly nothing bad. Feels good when every track is someone’s favorite song. 

AXS: What is a Tiara Thomas live show like?

TT: I’ve been more energetic these days. My favorite is playing with my band, but I might be doing some upcoming shows with a DJ. I play guitar on a couple songs and just be vibing in my own world and people are vibing with me. 

AXS: What's next?

TT: I have my own FWMM tour coming up at the end of this month as well as a few other spot dates. I’ve got a video for “I Need” coming soon and working on more visuals coming soon. Follow me on my socials to stay connected @tiara_thomas.