Interview: TWIN XL's Cameron Walker-Wright on forming a new hit band

TWIN XL are re-energizing the pop-rock scene with their debut release, How to Talk to Strangers. The EP includes the song "Friends", which you can watch the video for by playing the video above, and it's catchy listening to start the new year. However, the journey to this new music was a bit of a winding road.

TWIN XL's lead singer Cameron Walker-Wright spoke to AXS about how he and his bandmates Stephen and John Gomez came together to form the perfect trio, and what they want audiences to know as they launch their new act. Learn more about TWIN XL in our interview below, and snag their EP now on iTunes.

AXS: Each member of TWIN XL came from a previous musical group - you from Nekokat and Stephen and John from The Summer Set. What made working together the right fit for you?

Cameron Walker-Wright: We’ve been friends for a long time. We would see each other at shows while touring in our previous bands and we always talked about working on some music together. Fast forward to a few years ago; we all ended up moving to Los Angeles. Eventually, we got together in the studio and the chemistry was instantaneous. We clicked on a musical level very quickly - writing together was a very organic and natural segue into starting the band.

AXS: Did you learn anything from those prior experiences that has carried over into the music of TWIN XL?

CWW: I feel we have all matured a lot since our previous musical experiences. We have a clear long-term vision of where we want to go and who we want to be as a band. Our past projects helped shape who we are today and we are forever grateful for those experiences. Sonically, however, TWIN XL is very much an entirely new sound and we started the project with a completely blank canvas.

AXS: Why should pop fans listen to How to Talk to Strangers? What makes your EP different to you?

CWW: One of my favorite things about our EP is how diverse it is. No two tracks are similar. Some songs were created to be vibey “feel good” driving music while others are lyrically more complex, and pull from our deepest and darkest emotions and experiences.

AXS: You're finishing up a spring tour supporting Jukebox the Ghost and The Mowgli's. What has your touring experience been like so far?

CWW: We are very fortunate that The Mowgli’s and Jukebox The Ghost took a chance on us so early on. They have been so friendly and accommodating to us. We are doing this tour completely DIY with no crew. We have to do a lot of things we haven’t done since we first started our previous projects. It’s been incredibly humbling yet exciting at the same time. It’s bringing us closer together as a band and a unit and we are loving every minute of it.

AXS: How would you describe a TWIN XL live show?

CWW: We basically are taking what we did on the record and bringing it to the next level. Everything sounds massive and we try to involve the crowd as much as possible. We are fortunate to have our good friend Dave Briggs playing drums with us and he has played a big role in bringing the songs to life.

AXS: What are your plans for the rest of 2019 after this tour ends?

CWW: Right now we are trying to be on tour as much as possible. We have some touring plans coming up that I can’t say too much about yet but we’re very excited about it. We are a very visual band. So, naturally, we plan to keep delivering a steady flow of A+ content for our fans - even while we are on tour.

AXS: Which are your favorite artists or bands to see live?

CWW: I love what The 1975 does with their live set. The overall aesthetic is just incredible and very inspiring. Also Bleachers; we are huge fans of Jack Antonoff.

AXS: What's the most interesting place you've heard your music played so far?

CWW: We’ve had some music placement in films and television shows and that’s always such a cool thing, especially when it’s something we are already a fan of. Right now Sirius XM / Alt Nation has been showing a lot of love for our single “Good” and we are extremely grateful and excited about that.

For more on TWIN XL, visit their official Facebook page.