Interview: UFC star Elias Theodorou talks 'Last Hit' movie, getting comfortable with acting
Video by Arms Race Productions

UFC star Elias Theodorou is taking his talents to the big screen. Always looking to step outside his comfort zone and take on new challenges, the Canadian icon told AXS that he has accepted a starring role in the hotly-anticipated comedy flick, "Last Hit." He says shooting takes place this fall, and a release date is targeted for the Spring of 2019.

Theodorou, 30, revealed that fans will be able to watch the movie in select theaters, or online via a video on demand service. Earlier this week, the hard-hitting middleweight took to YouTube to give fans an inside look at his transition into acting, and what "Last Hit" is all about.

"Much like fighting, acting is about performance. You need to be your best on 'game day,' with hours of work done before hand," he explained to AXS. "I plan to do just that, with an acting coach for my future film debut -- to take me from 'white-belt' to 'black-belt' in acting.

"Lastly, I like acting for the ability to step out of my comfort zone, in a fun and different way. I've been in stunts, rom-coms, sci-fi, game shows, commercials, and won a TUF reality show after all!" The MMA icon says "Last Hit" is the first ever comedic fighting game movie.

"The writer, Kyle Francis, is a current Ubi-Soft writer, former Kardashian game writer and has shadowed me to create the lead character based on me, for me to play. Huge stretch!" Theodorou said of the film. "We already have a script, love it, and there's a revised one coming in soon! The Director is Gary Hawes, who has assistant-directed such films as Juno, Interstellar, the new Planet of the Apes, new X-Men, and a few others. I believe this is his second or third full feature."

The movie is about an MMA fighter who looks to reclaim his dignity through professional fighting games, after a low blow inside the cage nearly ends his life. The film follows Theodorou's character as he looks to defeat a toxic pro video-gamer at the largest fighting game tournament in the world.

For all the ladies wondering, the fighter-turned-ring  boy-turned actor will be showing off some skin in the flick. "Shirtless is a guarantee, maybe a little bit more...maybe a lot," he said. "Stay tuned." Theodorou and film producer Brian Carver have opened an Indiegogo page to build awareness for the project.