Interview: UK singer-songwriter Stealth talks about his new EP, his rise to fame, and the future ahead
Ultra Music

A year ago, singer-songwriter Stealth retreated to his office to watch a documentary on Charles Bradley, who recorded with the famous Dap Kings, in search of inspiration. A year later he was recording with the Dap Kings in that same studio. It’s a moment he describes as truly unforgettable. “To think I was sitting in the same studio a year later still blows my mind,” he says. This marks just one of many accomplishments he’s achieved during his brief career.

But before he recorded with the soul legends, the Birmingham based singer was slowly, but surely trying to get ahead in the music business. He released his debut EP, Intro, in 2016, which helped him gain a small following. He soon received his big break when his song, “Judgement Day,” was featured in an episode of USA Network’s “Suits.” It helped introduce his music to a mainstream audience and soon the song racked up over 10 million streams on Spotify and Youtube.

He kept turning heads and gaining fans with his next release, Verse, which featured the single “Real Life.” The song was used on both NBC’s “The Catch” and E!’s “The Royals” and helped turn more people on to his old school soulful sound. Soon, he caught the attention of Patrick Moxey and David Waxman of Ultra Records. After meeting with them earlier this year and playing some of his material, he signed on with the record label, home to Calvin Harris, Deadmau5, and Steve Aoki. Since then, he’s been working on his next EP, Chorus, which is expected to drop in October.

The upcoming EP is carefully laid out to fit nicely with his previous releases. Named after song sections, all three EPs map out his musical journey and shows his growth as an artist. “They are all sections of a song,” he says. “Intro was all about setting a standard and a sound. Verse was all about progressing the story and solidifying the work done in Intro. And now Chorus is, hopefully, where it all kicks off.”

“It’s a little nerve wrecking, but I think this is the best thing I've put out to date,” he says. “The final song on the EP has just gone to mastering so it's all pretty much done now. I'm just excited to get it out and see what people think.”

He also calls the new EP his most personal record with each song dealing with things he’s experienced. For instance, “Gotta Stop Loving You” was inspired by a relationship of his that wasn’t working out. He admits being so open on a song is “terrifying,” but something he’s not afraid to tackle. “Putting that level of honesty out there is very daunting but you have to in order to write a song that is genuine.” In some way it’s a form of therapy for him; he gets things off his chest and shares them with people who may be in similar situations. “People pay hundreds of pounds to talk through their issues and I do it for free. (laughs).”

But it’s not all heartache and pain. He makes sure to look on the bright side as well as heard on his new single “Truth Is.” “This single is one I've been excited about since I wrote it with Michael Angelo and Ali Tennant,” he says in a press statement. “Personally it feels like a real step up from some of the other things I've released. It's the first time I've really pushed myself as an artist. Writing a song that is happy for once.”

Achieving so much success in a short amount of time can be overwhelming, but Stealth takes it all in stride and goes with the flow. “You just kind of roll with it,” he says, “but I always make sure to celebrate every little win. They very rarely come in this industry so celebrate everything.” Working in the music business has also taught him to trust himself most of all, a hard lesson he’s learned over the years. “Following your gut is the only way to go. I've been led down the garden path a few times by people who have said they have all the answers when really the only person who knows what will work for you is you.”

But he’s not jaded towards the industry. He’s rather optimistic about the future ahead, which includes more music and touring. “Hell, maybe even my own perfume line!” he jokes. “I'm just keeping an open mind and seeing what comes my way.”

Stealth’s new EP, Chorus, comes out Oct. 26. Listen to his latest single “Truth Is” above. To keep up with the latest updates make sure to follow him on Facebook and Twitter. You can also stream his past releases here.