Interview: West Coast hip-hop artist Mike Darole goes viral with ‘Hello’ and gets ready to drop new music video
Mike Darole

West Coast hip-hop artist Mike Darole’s recent single “Hello" featuring RJ and Compton AV, has been getting some serious play thanks to a viral video called “Cheating On Your Barber.” Made by YouTube comedian Anwar Jibawi, the video features Darole’s title track off of his debut EP. After garnering over 85 million views, this success is yet another example of how comedians and social influencers, who are fans of the music, are using their platform to spotlight what they love.

In an interview, Darole (formerly known as M.I.C.) shared with AXS what it was like making the song and how it all just came together. The artist, who has been freestyling since the age of 18, said the whole thing was just really organic. After he posted on Instagram, a week or two later the video got out and went viral. Darole, who has found viral success before, tells AXS, “It’s really all just been great.”

Since releasing his initial mixtape in April (which also features artists such as Ray J and YG), Darole has continued to have an outstanding year. He dropped FREEZONE just last month and is already talking about what’s up next. At the moment, he is getting ready to release a video for the song “Lockdown” which he shared, is about “getting back on your feet and staying in motion.”

This is something Darole is all too familiar with. Two years ago, the artist survived a near-fatal gunshot wound after a bullet struck his heart. “What keeps me motivated is my family,” Darole expressed. “Family is what pushes me. I am grateful, thankful and blessed, every day. You never think something like that would ever happen.”

Now, the hip-hop artist says his future is brighter than ever before and tells AXS he is full of surprises. “I was just warming up with Hello. In FREEZONE, you can really hear the growth. I’ve got some R&B coming out next and then I’m doing something in Spanish AND English. People aren’t going to know what to expect.”

Darole is also currently writing for other artists and says his next project is likely coming out at the end of the month.

Be sure to follow him on his socials and check out his website to find out when he’ll be coming to a city near you.