Interview: Whethan talks friendship with Louis the Child, humble beginnings and more

At the young age of 17, Ethan Snoreck, better known by his stage name Whethan, has already made a name for himself around the world. Hailing from Chicago, he started his career by first using his iPad to make remixes with GarageBand. This led to getting signed as the youngest DJ ever on the Australian EDM label, Future Classic, and his eventual introduction to industry legend and founder of OWSLA, Skrillex. Prodigy and legend come together this Saturday, April 15, at the Day Club Palm Springs OWSLA Pool Party (click here for tickets). In advance of the show, which also features Chris Lake, Justin Martin and Blaise James, sat down with Whethan to answer a few questions that might help fans, current and new, get to know the young star better.

Most people are already familiar with his remix of "XE3," which has 8.7 million plays on Soundcloud and continues to grow every day. But what fans may not know is that when Whethan first became involved in music, things were not as smooth and slick as they sound now. "When I first seriously got involved with music, I had very little experience with instruments and [had] never made music on nice speakers. Even [to this day I] still don't always produce on monitors," revealed Whethan.

Remembering his roots and where he came from is what helps him stay the course, even when Whethan has such massive hits as "XE3" and his redo of Opia's "Falling" (currently 3.85 million streams on Soundcloud). Keeping him grounded, though, is his friend and co-conspirator in music, Freddy of Louis the Child. "One person that helped me more than anyone else was my friend Freddy of Louis the Child. We would make a ton of music together and still do. He's only a year older than me, so we would always learn things from each other with producing, shows, advice, etc." 

With such influences in music as Skrillex and creative collaborations as he has with Freddy, one thing that remains to be answered is how he became interested at all in the music industry. What, or who was it that introduced him to the life of being on the road, creating, traveling and enjoying the festival circuit? According to Whethan, it was actually a family member who first introduced him to the world of music and touring. "When I was much younger, my uncle Mook who does merchandise for a lot of acts, asked me if I wanted to go to [the] Warped Tour with him. At that point, I still hadn't gone to many shows or festivals. I was able to see what it was like backstage and got to meet some artists my uncle worked with. [It was] very inspiring [and a] turning point in my life."

With such formative experiences, friendships and collaborations at such a young age, Whethan is surely one of the rising superstars of electronic music that fans will want to keep an eye on. This Saturday affords an excellent opportunity to do just that as he plays the Day Club Palm Springs OWSLA Pool Party with Skrillex and Friends. Be sure to grab tickets here and catch a must-see rising star this coming Saturday. 

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