Interview: Whitney Woerz discusses her upcoming EP, Glenn Close foundation
Directed by Miles Szanto/YouTube

Singer Whitney Woerz is only 16, but age is certainly just a number with her recent endeavors and success. She's about to release her new EP this month, and her new music video for the single "Idea of Her," has already surpassed over 10 million views (having only released in June). She's also a teen ambassador for actress Glenn Close's non-profit organization, BringChange2Mind, to bring awareness and change for mental illness. As noted in her biography, Woerz has made several, regular appearances on "Saturday Night Live." We chatted with Whitney about her new EP, her music video for "Idea of Her" and her charitable work, including her recordings at the renowned FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals.

AXS: How do you juggle your time in high school with your singing career? 

Whitney Woerz: It's kind of hard juggling school and singing but I've always been good at getting everything I need to do done and done well. I'll do school work on the plane if I’m traveling and make time whenever I can. 

AXS: The first single from your upcoming EP, "Idea of Her," has already reached 10  million views. Did you expect that? 

WW: I really didn't expect it to take off as much as it did so quickly. It's a really good feeling though knowing millions of people have heard and loved the song. 

AXS: Why do you think people relate to the video so well? 

WW: The video shows a perfect, almost fake, Whitney and another Whitney trapped in a box signifying how sometimes people hide who they are in order to be accepted. I think people relate to this because they know someone like this or see it in themselves. But the message of the video and the song is to get passed hiding who you are and to feel comfortable in your own skin. 

AXS: You're also a teen ambassador for the actress Glenn Close's non-profit organization, BringChange2Mind. Why is this organization so important to you? 

WW: When I was 13, a friend I knew through social media reached out to me and told me she wanted to kill herself. I called BringChange2Mind and they directed me to suicide hotline and helped me out with what to do. They told me to stay with her but since she lives in California, I couldn't. I ended up writing her a song ("Ghost Story"), which she told me helped her and she was just thankful that someone listened. I figured that if I could help one person, I could help so many more, so I became a teen ambassador at BringChange2Mind in order to continue helping people through mental illness. 

AXS: Two years ago, you recorded a number of covers at FAME Recording Studios in Muscle Shoals. Had this been a long-time dream of yours, and how did it come to fruition? 

WW: My producer had always talked about the studio and how iconic it was in the music industry, so it was really cool recording there. It was the first set of cover videos I did which was really special. 

AXS: You have a new EP coming out soon. When's the official release date, and are there any special surprises on the EP you can share with our readers? 

WW: The EP's official release date is still yet to be determined, but it's completed and will most likely come out mid-October. Listeners should expect relatable lyrics with catchy melodies. It's a more contemporary sound than my last EP and I'm so excited for everyone to hear it! :)