Interview: Wildflowers chat debut album, new single and residing stateside
Wildflowers VEVO/YouTube

Country-rock trio, Wildflowers, have recently released their infectious and lively new music video for their single "Another Million Miles." The single is featured on their debut album, On The Inside, releasing Aug. 25 on Original 1265 Recordings. While originally from Britain, the trio have relocated to Denver, Colo. making their home stateside. Although they've settled stateside for now, the trio's music reflects their beliefs of not settling mentally or conforming. 

The trio came together in 2012 and have supported such iconic acts in the UK like Robert Plant and singer-songwriter Tom Odell, George Ezra and Glastonbury Festival in 2016. They've received national UK radio support, and featured on 3 BBC Playlist singles in 2016, and played SXSW this past March in Austin, Texas. 

AXS: You guys have a happy, fun and vibrant new single, "Another Million Miles," which is the first single from your debut album On The Inside. Why did you guys decide to drop this single first, and what makes it special to you guys?

Siddy Bennett: Aw thank you!!!! This song had to be our first single because it’s about growing up in England, but longing to live the American dream. When we wrote it, we were all living together, with no money, cramped in a one bedroom apartment, and this song was just a fantasy. We were just starting out as a band, and had no idea that one day we would sell all our belongings, relocate to Colorado, and road trip through New Mexico in a red Mustang. It’s a manifestation, that’s what makes it special.

AXS: What was the most memorable aspect of the recording of your upcoming debut album?

Kit Bennett: Definitely recording in The Levellers studio. They’re an English folk-punk band from the 90’s that Sid and I grew up listening too, so we were really excited to be there.

SB: The most memorable aspect for me was when we mixed the album. We were all smoking out the windows, drinking cans of warm Guinness, dancing around like lunatics, because the songs sounded so sweet. Playing it super cool as usual. Ha. Also, recording the vocals for “Trust”. I remember experiencing studio magic for the first time.

James Ashbury: Stealing The Levellers mandolin because mine didn’t sound right and playing them on all the recordings.

SB: I don’t think they knew we did that.

KB: Well the mandolin sounds sweet.  

AXS: Why did you guys decide to relocate to Denver, Colo.? Do you plan on relocating in other places in the future?

SB: It sounds ridiculous, but I have just always known in my bones that Wildflowers fate lies in America, so as soon as we got the opportunity, we dropped everything and left. We were up for the challenge and adventure. Denver is rad. It’s sunny, broad-minded, musically on point, and surrounded by awesome nature and people.

KB: This definitely isn’t the end of the road for us though. Our dream is to tour in an RV, forever.

JA: I just follow Kit and Sid around.

 AXS: What are the most visible differences with performing music in the UK and now state-side?

JA: There’s a lot more fiddles, banjos and mandolins in America. I used to be the only mandolin player, now they’re everywhere.

SB: For me, it’s the planning of shows. In England it’s a lot of preparation and communication prior to the day, but when we play shows in Denver, you just seem to rock up, plug in and play. It’s so chilled out here. I am a big fan of this.

KB: Every drummer in the US brings their own kit to a show, whereas in the UK there are endless discussions leading up to a show about who’s using whose kit, and frankly it’s boring.

SB: Ha! That is so true. I used to get anxiety about drum kit sharing.

AXS: What's next for you guys; tour, press, both, etc.?

JA: More videos, more live music, more press, more guitar solos.

KB: Everything!!! And then an RV.

SB: I swear all we really want from life is a giant RV.

For more information and updates about this exciting country trio, check out their website