Interview: You Me at Six kicking off new year with U.S. leg of their 'Back Again' tour
Jordan Curtis Hughes

Chart-topping UK rock band, You Me at Six, is gearing up for an exciting 2019. The band will be doing a European run of their Back Again Tour in January before heading to the States for the North American run that kicks off Feb. 21 in Boston.

The tour will be making a stop in Detroit at Saint Andrews Hall on Feb. 27 and will wrap up Mar. 16 in Atlanta.

The band is out in support of their well-received sixth studio VI, which was released in October. The ambitious release swirls together rock, pop, R&B and electronic vibes effortlessly and features singles "Back Again," "3AM," "IOU" and "Fast Forward."

With a reputation of being one of the best live bands in the UK, You Me at Six are ready to blow fans away with another explosive round of live shows.

Earlier this week, frontman Josh Franceschi took some time to answer some questions for AXS.  He spoke about the album, the tour and what's next for the band.

AXS: You Me At Six just wrapped up your UK Tour.  How did you feel it went and was there a date that stood out for you?

Josh Franceschi: The tour was brilliant. All the shows felt like mini victory laps. In particular, the three shows at Brixton Academy were special. 
AXS: You will be hitting the road again in January and making your way to the U.S. in February, what can people coming out to those shows expect?  What's most important to you when you play a live show?
JF: They can expect five people on stage trying to play their instruments in time and in tune. The most important thing for us is our fans attending, old and new, to have a place in which they can leave all their shit from the outside world, outside. We want them to switch off and just have a good night. 
AXS You will be in Detroit at Saint Andrews Hall on Feb. 27. I know you've played in the basement at the smaller Shelter, but have you played upstairs before? 
JF: We played upstairs once supporting Mayday Parade I believe.
AXS: You've played a number of shows in the Detroit area over the years, any memorable moments stick out?
JF: We’ve done some great shows in Detroit. I love the Shelter, it’s a sweet spot. We played a beautiful theatre on the Spring Fever tour we did. 
AXS: After touring all over the world, what are some of your favorite places to play?  Do you see a big difference in the crowds from country to country or do you feel that enthusiasm for the music is the same anywhere you play?
JF: Every show is different. Every city, country etc. That’s what makes international touring such a trip. I personally love touring Australia. 
AXS: You released your new album VI back in October, Can you talk a bit about the process that went into making this one and what you feel it represents for the band this time out?
JF: Yeah, for sure. The process was very different for us as we co-produced it with Dan Austin. We learned a lot from him. I think the album represents where we’re at as a band currently. We tried some new things and ultimately threw out the rulebook with the aspiration of projecting ourselves somewhat differently. 
AXS: The album is all over the place in a good way both stylistically and with its moods.  Was it a conscious effort to stay away from one formula or was that something that just happened naturally when you went in to record?
JF: Absolutely. I guess that’s a direct result from there being no rule book. We wanted islands on the record. We wanted to showcase our band doing all the things we love about music. 
AXS: Besides touring, what's the biggest goal for the new year?
JF: To get through the touring.
AXS: What's next for the band and is there one huge thing still out there on the horizon that you are determined to achieve?
JF: I'm not sure to be honest. 
AXS: Anything you'd like to add or say to the fans?
JF: Thank you, see you in 2019! x