Invictus Gaming defeats Fnatic 3-0 to win League of Legends World Championship
LoL Esports/YouTube

Invictus Gaming clean-swept Fnatic in the League of Legends World Championship finals to claim the first ever Summoner’s Cup in China's name.

The two teams entered the weekend looking incredibly strong after stomping their opponents in the semifinals. However, Invictus Gaming quickly took control of the final best-of-five series after winning Game 1 against Fnatic in under 30 minutes. The Chinese team found advantages in both the top and mid lanes for Kang “TheShy” Seung-lok and Song "Rookie" Eui-jin after repeatedly sending its jungler to help snowball the two lanes.

Following a similar pattern in each of the three games, Invictus Gaming outclassed Fnatic with its superior solo laners and quickly closed out the series to take down the Season 1 champions.

While Invictus Gaming’s win over the European team finally takes the crown for China, this accomplishment comes as a personal victory for the team itself. Invictus Gaming consistently fell second throughout the year to the region’s fan-favorites, Royal Never Give Up, who won every single international tournament prior to the World Championship. As the second seed from China, Invictus Gaming now emerges the year superior to its rival, solidifying a name for both itself and its region.

Although the League of Legends professional season has concluded, one final event remains before the year is over. Riot Games will host the League of Legends All-Star event Dec. 6-8, where two professional players from each of the 14 regions will compete alongside prominent members of the community in a series of fun and unique game modes.