Brad Paisley

Brad Paisley

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Brad Paisley has amassed quite a catalog of good timin' tributes to Middle America in his career through his last studio album, 2014's Moonshine in the Trunk--in which he mused on the "High Life," the "Country Nation" and staking an "American Flag on the Moon." Now, as he readies his follow-up, his plucky, ice-tea-doused "Heaven South" serves as a hearty reminder of beer-batted chicken, lawn chairs strewn across the backyard and clicking through pay-per-view. The song, complete with stadium-sized "ooo"s," is co-written with Brent Anderson and Chris DuBois and leads Love and War.

"Got to make a little run for beer and ice," Paisley details. "Down on main street, everybody's there. Subwoofer's booming like cannons in a square. Turn on the news, you'd think the world ain't got a prayer. If you turn it off and look around, it's just another day in heaven south."

Paisley's Love and War drops April 21 and is packed with outside talent. Timbaland, Bill Anderson, John Fogerty and Mick Jagger enjoy features, while Johnny Cash is credited as songwriter on another. Speaking on the album's title, Paisley said: “There is a woman, a soldier, serving who, while I am feverishly trying to get this record done. She’s using the first single ['Today'] off of it for the exact purpose I recorded that song, which is [to] ‘hang on to those memories that get you through the rough times,’” he explained. “I wrote her back and said that ‘as she’s writing the email, I’m mixing the album, and I turned it into my record label today and it’s called ‘Love and War,’ serendipitously, it seems you have reminded me why I do what I do, as well.’ I’m gonna work out meeting her somewhere out there when she gets back. I hope she stays safe.”

Recently, the album's lead single, "Today," became Paisley's 24th chart-topper.

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Take a listen to "Heaven South" below: