That look when Snoop Dogg sends you a dope Christmas sweater.

That look when Snoop Dogg sends you a dope Christmas sweater.

Willie Nelson/Facebook

Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg: the two most famous potheads in the world, also, two of our favorite people. You can be pretty sure their trees were lit this past holiday season and we’re not talking about the Christmas variety. So it’s no surprise that Snoop sent his green-eyed brother a dope Christmas sweater. Check it out above.

It’s also no surprise that Willie posted the picture on January 4, because either Snoop Dogg’s mind was cloudy and he sent the sweater late, or Willie “forgot” to post until after Christmas. Naturally, they’re blowing top shelf stuff, just ask Toby Keith. Whatever the case, it is pretty adorable that Snoop sent Willie a gift. Just look how happy Willie is. But the question remains: what did Willie give Snoop?

It’s a pretty safe bet that they “jointly” exchanged gifts because when someone passes you the holiday spirit, you puff puff pass it on. While Snoop tweeted the picture he has yet to reveal what Willie got him. Some of Willie’s Reserve maybe? See below.

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