Justin Bieber's "Sorry" was the most watched music video in 2016, with over 2 billion views

Justin Bieber's "Sorry" was the most watched music video in 2016, with over 2 billion views


Is it too late now to say sorry? Probably. It’s not too late however to get down to Justin Bieber’s “Sorry,” which was reportedly the most watched music video this past year. Love him or hate him, the polarizing former teen pop star made the transition into a man with his comeback album, Purpose, and really struck a chord with the incredibly catchy tropical house hit, “Sorry.”

As 2016 comes to a close and fans look back on the year in music, it should be noted that "Sorry" was the most watched music video on the planet over the past twelve months, with 2 billion views as of Saturday. That’s good right?

Racking up 250 million more views than the second most watched video of 2016, which was Adele’s “Hello,” Justin and his hit single could easily make take the prize home for song of the year as well. "Sorry" followed up the equally impressive "What Do You Mean?" and "Where Are Ü Now" singles in 2015 to make a successful transition into a softer, pop EDM style which has proved to do well for this much needed transitional stage in his career.

While music fanatics no longer head to MTV for their music fix, especially when it comes to music videos, VEVO and YouTube have provided an equally effective platform for artists to promote their music, and anytime a song can be played an additional 2 billion times, it's certainly worth noting, or at the very least worth a stream.

It should also be noted that within the top ten most watched music videos of the year, the Biebs has two more additional positions within the list, with “What Do You Mean?” and “Love Yourself” in the fifth and sixth place spots, holding steady at around the 1 billion views mark.

Have you f**ked up lately? Just follow the apology business model from Justin Bieber on how you can say sorry in 2017, because it’s clearly working for him.