J Balvin pays tribute to Joe Arroyo in 'La Rebelión' music video
J Balvin / YouTube

Colombian superstar J Balvin premiered the music video for "La Rebelión" on March 31. Late salsa music legend Joe Arroyo features in the new clip.

"La Rebelión" (The Rebellion) is J Balvin's first single as the main artist since releasing last year's "Reggaeton" and his breakthrough album Vibras. His latest release samples fellow Colombian artist Arroyo's hit of the same name "Rebelión."

J Balvin penned "La Rebelión" with Arroyo and his longtime producer Sky Rompiendo El Bajo. The song blends Arroyo's salsa sound with Latin trap music. Backed by Arroyo's story highlighting the Afro-Latinx struggle, Balvin connects with his own scrappiness to show how far he's come in the music industry. "This is for those who criticize and those who listen to me," Balvin raps in Spanish. He bridges old and new school Colombia on this tropical banger with bite.

In the music video for "La Rebelión," J Balvin dances a bit of salsa with a team of dancers who reflect the different shades of the Latinx community. Arroyo's image appears by way of a TV screen. In the end, technology is used in a cool way to have Balvin standing alongside Arroyo.

"La Rebelión" is now available on iTunes and Apple Music. There's no word yet if the song will lead to a new album from J Balvin. He is nominated 13 times at this month's Billboard Latin Music Awards in Las Vegas.