J. Cole drops new album 'KOD,' shares video for 'ATM'
J. Cole / YouTube

J. Cole is back with a brand-new video for his single "ATM" -- just in time for fans to get their hands on his new album KOD. It was a very fast turnaround for J. Cole since he just announced the album last week and then released it on Thursday night. 

While Cole hasn't released an album since 2004 and 4 Your Eyes Only, he has kept his name in the news. Last year, J. Cole partnered up with Kendrick Lamar and Jeezy for "American Dream." A documentary was also released on HBO for that song. Now, after working with friends, J. Cole is back with his own new music.

J. Cole has watched all four of his previous albums hit No. 1 on the Billboard 200. All three hit platinum status and it is yet to be seen if the new album will match the success of those previous albums with the surprise release. 

KOD is an album that explores the themes of addiction. There are three different meanings that KOD stands for -- Kids on Drugs, King OverDosed and Kill Our Demons. All three meanings play out on the album's songs. There are 12 tracks on the album, with lasts 42 minutes. "ATM" is the first single released and the video shows that money doesn't solve all problems.