Jake Miller keeps it classy in 'Good Thing' music video
Jake Miller / YouTube

Pop singer-songwriter Jake Miller premiered the music video for "Good Thing" on March 23. He keeps it classy in the old-fashioned clip.

"Good Thing" is the second single from Miller's Overnight EP and is a follow-up to the title track lead single. He takes on the tropical sound washing over the music scene as of late. Bubbly, colorful beats back Miller advocating for love with no labels. "We ain't gotta do that yet / Not until we see what's next," he sings in the soaring performance. Jake's got another slick number up his sleeve that's just as good as the last one.

Miller's "Good Thing" music video plays out like a black-and-white film from Hollywood's Golden Age era. He's all suited up and taking his on-screen love interest on quite the date. When Miller's not being a crooner on stage, he's picking her up in a limo and the two share some cozy moments. At his movie premiere, the rain comes down but brings them closer together. It's truly an adorable affair.

"Good Thing" is now available on iTunes and Apple Music. Miller's Overnight EP was released last year on Aug. 19.