Jan Daley sets the bar high with 'The Way of a Woman'

Greatness can be defined many ways, but with Jan Daley you easily define it as the mastery of dynamic vocal range.  Daley delivers the songwriter's lyrics in crisp, clear tones while moving along the scales with the utmost of ease. She expresses it in such a manner that you feel the message that the songwriter wishes to convey.  There are many renditions of great songs, but rarely does one come across a marriage of orchestral and vocal delivery matched with perfect phrasing so much so that it stops you in your tracks. The Way Of A Woman is the latest release from Daley and it does not disappoint. 

The title track is a perfect example of a highly sought after collaborative effort. The listener will feel the song as the story line is presented in a delicate, fragile manner that is expressing the intimate, personal life of two people.  The lyrics are touching and only Daley could bring this track to such masterful heights.  Truly, the story comes to life as the listener is swept up in anticipation as she fully embraces each note and the listener embarks on the heart touching journey with her. Bravo Ms. Daley

It is even harder to envision someone loving a song so much so that when they perform a well-known pop song such as "God Bless The Child" it is as if it is brand new all over again.  But Daley does just that on the entire album.  There are eleven tracks on this new release and while the strings, the brass, and the rhythm section is present they never overpower the artist.  Producer Michael Sutton has added just enough presence to augment the right places, places within each tune that allow the listeners' mind to capture the singer's marvelous vocals and never once does the orchestration pull you away from the songwriter's central theme. 

Six of the eleven songs on this compilation are songs that Daley personally wrote including "The One I've Been Waiting For" and "She was a Dreamer". Overall, The Way Of A Woman is a marvelous new release that listeners are sure to enjoy over and over again.