Jane Machine shares new track 'I Hope We Win' from debut LP
Erica von Trapp

Jane Machine is the pseudonym of Erica von Trapp, who is a vocalist, producer, songwriter and keyboardist. She infuses a mix of synths, her sultry vocals, and electronic percussion to create her unique blend of pop-dance music. She takes inspiration from her time spent in Paris, as it was there she began producing electronic music. She also credits her childhood spent in the California Bay area as another inspiration. 

von Trapp is honest lyrically focusing her songs on personal issues of abandonment, isolation and sexual frustration. She began writing songs for her debut LP, Back Seat Driver, during her time in France after she left the US because of traumatic family loss and break-up. In France, she met her partner, Jules de Gaspers, who hired her to sing for his New Wave project, and they began making music together as a duo, GRAND BAIN. They now work together exclusively, along with owning and managing their own studio. Alas, Jane Machine's debut LP, Back Seat Driver, showcases Jane's strong spirit and resilience amidst her previous trials and tribulations. 

Jane is premiering her exclusive track, "I Hope We Win," from her upcoming debut LP, which highlights her strong vocals, keyboards, along with her love of dance music. Listen to the streaming track in the music box below. 

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