Janelle Monae dazzles fans with talent, style and class

Janelle Monae brings a unique classy vibe to R&B and pop music. In a time where entertainers seem to be trying to out-shock each other, Monae has had smashing success just being herself. It's not often that an artist can be truly mysterious and still have the success of Monae. She is a true artist in every sense of the word and has been quietly successful for years before bursting onto the mainstream as a featured artist on a top 10 track.

Monae's classic tuxedo style is a signature look that easily identifies the soulful singer. She has made the tuxedo her uniform and wears many variations of the classic look. Coupled with a stylish pompadour hairstyle, Monae has turned an androgynous look into something elegant and beautiful.

Due to her unique style and secretive personal life, many have come to question her sexual orientation. When asked about her preference, Monae says she prefers androids. Keeping with the theme, her first studio album released in 2010 was titled ArchAndroid. It is unknown of Monae's response to those concerned with her orientation was in promotion of her album or if it was a big "none of your business" to those who kept asking.

ArchAndroid was released by Bad Boy records and was successful in it's own right. The concept album follow-up to her first EP contained a single named "Tightrope" that did very well. "Tightrope" was nominated for the best Urban/Alternative Performance at the Grammys and officially hit number seventeen on the Billboard Top 200.

It wasn't until 2012 when Monae really became a huge household name. The soul singer was featured on "We Are Young" by the breakout group Fun. "We Are Young" hit number one on the Billboard charts and was the first time Janelle Monae was able to break into the top ten. Soon after receiving much attention for her guest appearance on the Fun track, Monae was made a spokesperson for CoverGirl and can be seen in commercials and print ads.

In 2013 Monae released her second and most recent studio album titled Electric Lady. The first single off her latest offering is a song called "Q.U.E.E.N" that features another R&B powerhouse Erykah Badu. Electric Lady also explores the sci-fi android theme that Monae seems to be so fond of. In interviews she has said that androids are the future and it looks like she is embracing the future early.