Jean-Michel Jarre: Electronic music star releases career retrospective 'Planet Jarre'
Courtesy of Legacy Records/Sony Music

He’s known as “the godfather of electronic music” and those who only have a casual knowledge of the works of Jean-Michel Jarre now have a chance to catch up. Set for a Sept. 14 release is Planet Jarre, a collection of 41 works drawn from Jarre’s vast catalog and commemorating 50 years of music. Included among the hits and favorites are a couple of rarities and two recently-recorded pieces.

The song selection for Planet Jarre was personally curated by Jarre himself, and the music on the 2-CD set is broken into four themed segments: Soundscapes, Themes, Sequences and Explorations & Early Works. In a statement made through his publicist, Jarre explains the reason for the groupings. “Going through the body of my existing work for this project, I realized that I have four quite different styles of composition. There is this common idea that people are focusing on shorter and shorter moments of music by zapping constantly. This is not necessarily true; we are also spending more and more time in our day-to-day life listening to playlists, wherever we are and whatever we do. This is the reason why I decided to divide this project into four different parts, four different worlds that make up my own world, my own planet.”

Jarre has included some of his collaborative works on Planet Jarre, including “Exit” which features spoken word from the infamous Edward Snowden, “Automatic Part 1” with Erasure’s Vince Clarke and “Stardust” with EDM kingpin Armin van Buuren. Included super-rarity is a demo excerpt of “Music for Supermarkets;” to make an artistic statement, Jarre destroyed the demo tapes for an entire album of the same name after they were used to press one lone album. Long out of print cut “Hypnose” is included, as are the new and previously-unreleased “Herbalizer” and “Coachella Opening” (Jarre wowed the crowd at Coachella earlier this year during his first-ever US festival appearance.)

Here’s the complete track listing for Planet Jarre:

“Oxygene 1”
“Oxygene 19”
“Rendez-Vous 1”
“Millions of Stars”
“Chronology 1”
“Oxygene 20”
“Equinoxe 2”
“Waiting for Cousteau”
“The Heart of Noise (Origin)”

“Industrial Revolution Part 2”
“Oxygene 4”
“Equinoxe 5”
“Oxygene 2”
“Equinoxe 4”
“Magnetic Field 2”
“Rendez-Vous 2 (Laser Harp)”
“Rendez-Vous 4”
“Chronology 4”

“Coachella Opening”
“Automatic Part 1” with Vince Clarke
“Exit” with Edward Snowden
“Equinoxe 7”
“Oxygene 8”
“Stardust” with Armin van Buuren

Explorations & Early Works
“Souvenir of China”
“Blah Blah Café”
“Music for Supermarkets (Demo Excerpt)”
“Roseland” / “Le Pays de Rose”
“La Cage”
“The Song of the Burnt Barns” / “La Chanson des Granges Brulees”
“Happiness is a Sad Song”
“Aor Bleu”
“Last Rendez-Vous”

Planet Jarre is released by Sony/Legacy Recordings and will also be available in Vinyl Book Set and Ultimate Box Set formats. Tracks for all editions have been remastered and some songs are presented in 5.1 sound.

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