Jeezy donates 50,000 bottles of water to Hurricane Harvey victims

Multi-platinum rapper and music mogul Jeezy, otherwise known as Jay Wayne Jenkins, sent 50,000 bottles of water to Houston last week to help with the city’s water crisis in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. The artist and entrepreneur's own Defiance Fuel purified water company sent two truckloads of water in response to the American Red Cross’ call for water. The trucks arrived on Friday (Sept. 8) and were distributed to those in need by Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee of the 18th Congressional District of Texas and Trae “Tha" Truth.

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“I am praying for all those affected by the storm,” Jenkins said. “Houston is one of my favorite cities and I will help those in need however I can at this time.” Defiance Fuel uses its own patented Cellular Hydration Processing method to create ultra-purified water. In 2013, Jenkins received a Certificate of Congressional Recognition from Congresswoman Lee for his charitable donations to the city of Houston. Jenkins urges others to do what they can to help in the relief process.