Jeremy Zucker announces first-ever headlining tour of the US

Watching the new video to Jeremy Zucker’s “All The Kids Are Depressed” will leave one in a thinking mood.

With all of the turmoil that is engulfing the world, the times can certainly take a toll on the mental psyche of a human being, especially the kids, who are living in a time of great concern and uncertainty. While Zucker's song and video are one of cloudiness, it’s just one of the many songs that make Zucker a modern-day musical genius.

Zucker describe his music as “his life” told through his music. His EP, The Glisten, is filled with personal stories that many wouldn’t even begin to describe to others. Zucker lays it all bare for all the world to hear; and though it’s gut-wrenching at times, the EP stands the test of time by telling the times kids live in today with gloomy beauty.

It’s an EP for the lost soul to comfort in, knowing that, in their time of darkness, they’re not alone in trying to fight their way back to the surface to feel the warm glow of sunlight. Speaking of sunlight, Zucker will be shining much-needed rays when he hits the road this fall. His show will be one to check out, so, to see if he’s coming to a city near you, check out his tour itinerary.

This article will be updated with the complete venue information when made available and remember to keep in mind that all dates and venues are subject to change.

Sept. 19 -- Chapel Hill, NC*
Sept. 20 -- Columbus, OH*
Sept. 21 -- Philadelphia, PA*
Sept. 24 -- Boston, MA* -- Great Scott (Click here for tickets)
Sept. 26 -- Toronto, ON*
Sept. 27 -- Ann Arbor, MI*
Sept. 28 -- Chicago, IL*
Oct. 3 -- Omaha, NE*
Oct. 4 -- Denver, CO*
Oct. 5 -- Salt Lake City, UT*
Oct. 8 -- Seattle, WA -- The Crocodile (Click here for tickets)
Oct. 9 -- Portland, OR**
Oct. 11 -- San Francisco, CA^
Oct. 13 -- San Diego, CA^
Oct. 15 -- Los Angeles, CA^ -- The Roxy (Click here for tickets)
Oct. 16 -- Phoenix, AZ^
Oct. 18 -- Dallas, TX^
Oct. 19 -- Austin, TX^
Oct. 20 -- Houston, TX^
Oct. 22 -- Atlanta, GA^
Oct. 24 -- Washington, DC^
Oct. 25 -- New York, NY^

*/with special guest Carlie Hanson
^/with special guest Joan