Jermaine Dupri calls for Falcons team spirit with 'Welcome to Atlanta' remix
Atlanta Falcons/YouTube

“Welcome to Atlanta, where the Falcons play/And we rise in brotherhood like everyday.”

That’s how Jermaine Dupri, the hip-hop recording artist/producer and Atlanta native, opens up his “Welcome to Atlanta” remix. In addition to being a catchy, tourism-friendly rap track, it also acts as an anthem for the city’s hometown Falcons football team, as they head into week two of the NFL playoffs this Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles this coming Saturday. The track was initially released last week, ahead of the team’s wild card victory against the Los Angeles Rams. Needless to say, Mr. Dupri’s musical contribution to the team’s postseason campaign must be helping.

The song includes powerful and inspiring messages in the lyrics that include "A history of adversity, we’ve felt pain/But through necessity, unity came/And in Brotherhood, we remain." In addition to being a pretty big sports town, the city has built a thriving music scene over the years, helping to provide a platform for emerging artists ranging from Outkast to John Mayer to Run The JewelsKiller Mike. It also helps to have an award-winning television show focused on the town's hip-hop scene with FX's "Atlanta."

The video for the anthem, which can be watched above, features footage of the city’s landscape, team highlights and Dupri performing live on top of the team’s home, Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

The Falcons could sure use all the help they could get this year. Most fans will remember last year’s Super Bowl with Lady Gaga’s award-winning halftime show performance, which became the most watched musical event in history. The part Falcons fans don’t want to remember is how the team blew a 28–3 lead in front of the entire country to lose the Super Bowl to Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.

Regardless of which team makes it to the Super Bowl this year, fans will already have plenty of entertainment to watch, as both P!nk and Justin Timberlake are scheduled as this year’s musical guests.